Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Andree McCleod's Comment on Todd Palin's Men's Journal Article

The Anchorage Daily News Political Blog has posted an Associated Press article about the upcoming May issue of Men's Journal interview with Todd Palin. In the Men's Journal article, the matter of the Palin's 2008 presidential campaign clothes comes up. I'm not going to quote from the puff piece - you can read it through the links above.

What I do find fascinating, though, is the tenacity of Alaska muckraker Andree McLeod. Here is her comment to the ADN blog entry:

The clothes, accessories and beauty services the Palins received add up to DOUBLE the $150K amount and is closer to $300K. BUT Palin has listed a total ZERO of that amount on her APOC financial disclosure form.

There are still dozens and dozens of gifts unopened that have not been claimed by Palin and family as Alaska law mandates. There is no amount listed for debts owed. There are no amounts for discounts given to family either, among other things.

Will APOC request Palin for specific amounts for debts owing, discounts and undisclosed gifts without having someone file a complaint?

Will APOC do their job and request Palin to amend the form without having someone file a complaint?

Andree McLeod

Andree's questions are appropriate. I wish the Associated Press and the Anchorage Daily News were pursuing that, instead of snarkily dealing with individuals like McLeod, AK Muckraker and Linda Kellen who have the courage to ask tough questions.

Meanwhile, some humor:


Anonymous said...

Andree McLeod had a good point. Is there another Alaskan out there (besides McLeod, Kellen, Gwartney and Henning) with the courage to file a complaint?

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned. Can't reveal anything more at the moment, but to answer your question.....yes.

sauerkraut said...

The ADN does disappoint at times, don't it? And the big newspaper outfits wonder why they have trouble selling papers.

Shon Cary said...

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