Thursday, April 30, 2009

Allan Tesche Comes Out With Anchorage Election Shocker - UPDATED

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Update - 5:15 p.m. Here is more information:

1) This did not come from the Eric Croft campaign. I have it on good authority that the Croft campaign found out about this by reading Progressive Alaska.

2) The person who brought this forward does not work for Croft. She or he is not one of our progressive bloggers, but she or he is known to all of us as being very truthful. The person newly discovered the material. I have no idea how Allan Tesche got involved.

3) Tesche's letter contains material publicly available. The supporting documents are:

*** 3AN-06-10675 CR Media No. 3AN 2108-7 - P.5
*** 3AN-06-10675 CR Media No 3AN 2108-6 - Pp. 5-7

4) The Anchorage Daily News, KTUU and other media outlets were provided the same material at approximately the same time it was provided to Progressive Alaska and other on-line journals.

In sworn testimony, the 23-year-old female defendant in the case states that after her shift at Dan Sullivan's bar, she stayed another three hours with "Dan" and another female employee. While there, she took advantage of "Dan's" policy of providing after-work drinks for staff at half price. While off shift, she continued to work, helping prepare for a bar event the following evening.

Dan and the female defendant split a pitcher of beer. From the testimony, it appears somebody, possibly Dan, continued to "top off" the defendant's drink throughout the period between when the pitcher was finished and her exit to her vehicle, around 4:00 a.m.

It is unclear from the transcript as provided, whether the female employee/defendant bought her own drinks as "half-price," whether "Dan" provided the pitcher they shared, or whether, by staying after work and helping, she was still at work, or just hanging out. I'm not sure whether listening to a tape of the trial would be more clear than the transcript. Maybe we can leave that up to the mainstream media.

When she left, the defendant testified to "hugging" Dan. Whatever plans the defendant may have had for after leaving work were terminated by her arrest for a hit and run incident that had occurred on Tudor or Minnesota Drive.

She blew just under .1000, and hours later, her blood level, taken intravenously was slightly over .1000.

If "Dan" is mayoral candidate Dan Sullivan, in many states, what this woman has sworn "Dan" did could cause revocation of his liquor license. In some states, bar owners can be prosecuted for what "Dan" did - cause somebody to leave his bar drunk enough to be in a hit and run. I don't believe that is the case in Anchorage or in Alaska.

The Alaska Report is now linking to PDFs of the court documents mentioned above.

(note - My brother was killed by a drunk driver.)


basheert said...


Anonymous said...

ruh ro!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Makes one wonder how he would manage the city if that is how he manages his bar. What irresponsibilty.


Sue C said...

I'm amazed that this is not illegal. In many states, the bar owner would be held liable for any damage done by the waitress.

Anonymous said...

The timing is a bit bad-- what is just found out or saved as a gem to unleash? I don't like Dan, but this should have been brought up before absentee ballots were cast.

Maia said...

But L Street IS a one-way street heading south. Maybe Tesche is thinking of I Street (although that doesn't lead to the lagoon)?

I have to disagree with my former assemblyman on this one. I definitely don't want Dan Sullivan to be the next mayor of Anchorage. But I also think there are enough legitimate criticisms of Sullivan without criticizing him for the poor choices made by another adult -- particularly since there's not necessarily any indication that he was present when this incident occurred. If that's going to be the case, why not hold him accountable for every negligent act committed by any person leaving McGinley's after having been served any amount of alcohol there?

Anonymous said...

Real story is bar employees can't afford average $309,000 house in Anchorage.

This story is stupid as Tesche never called his downtown constituents back. He is more aloof than Sullivan
Look how many homeless people loiter downtown on Tesche's watch. He never did a thing

If Sullivan says he will repave L street and I will vote for him. Get homeless off the street permanently I will vote for you. As for solving problems, Tesche did nothing

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that Danny Boy was hanging with a 23-year-old (not his wife) at 4 AM is one of the BIG issues for MR. FAMILY VALUES.

Anonymous said...

You'd think someone who owned a bar would recognize when someone had too much...nevermind giving it to them!!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to watch the news at 5:30 pm, but did they mention this information?

If not, hopefully someone in one of the upcoming forums and debates will ask about it.


Philip Munger said...

anon @ 5:53 - you can't expect news organizations to have the same flexibility that bloggers do in a case like this. People are already on assignments by noon. This broke at 1:10 pm.

They normally will have to send somebody down to the court house, look up the same stuff we've posted already, by themselves. Then they have to report back to the editor. Then somebody has to call "Dan," while somebody else tries to get a hold of the defendant or victim. ultimately Croft gets called. Then they write the story.

Should be out any day now....

Tallimat said...

I can hardly wait for "Dan, the pitcher man", to respond!

Ah, Allen is such a moose nugget. (smiles)

As for drunk drivers, just give me 10 minutes of their time. Not a second more.

As for bar owners that serve to much, knowing the person has a set of car keys, to be used = HANG THEM...

Sorry for your loss Phill. I lost my third child due to a drunk, slobby idiot. Closure can be difficult for me at times. However, what helps my attempts for more closure, is knowing I might be able to always remind Dan, The Pitcher Man, of his lack of responsibility, as a bar owner.

Anonymous said...

Phil, and Mae
So sorry for your losses. I'm thankful every day that I didn't learn to drive until after I got sober.

Phil, Thank you for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Where was Allen Tesche when he was an elected official representing Downtown Anchorage ?

This is the same Mr "I won't take campaign money from the liquor industry" Tesche that all ignored a constituent when he was having problems with another downtown bar.

Tesche was silent, didn't return phone calls, didn't return emails, didn't do damn thing he promised to do.

Tesche is a hypocrite of the highest order.

Philip Munger said...

Anon @ 9:11 pm

I don't like Tesche very much either. He didn't return my two phone calls two years ago.

What does that have to do with the substance of this post?

Wolfe Tone said...


I don't live in Anchorage, so technically, I don't have a dog in this fight. I'd like to see Croft win, though.

If I were Eric Croft, I think I'd ask the Anchorage voters to "Pitcher" just how bad a Mayor an irresponsible person like Sullivan would be.

Philip Munger said...

Wolfe Tone,

Not a pretty pitcher, eh?

Is he offering Anchorage voters "two for one" or "the keys to a one-way ride the wrong way down the road"?

clark said...


CelticDiva said...

"You'd think someone who owned a bar would recognize when someone had too much...nevermind giving it to them!!"

THAT'S the issue...having worked several years at a bar, even in a music capacity, I was always told to warn someone if anyone too inebriated looked like they were going to try and leave on their own power.

The liquor board should have at least looked into it, even if nothing came of it.

However, it seemed to have been kept very quiet, which sets off alarms considering he had already announced as a candidate for mayor before this happened.

Also, I called McGinley's today and spoke to a "Jen" who said that there weren't any other past bosses named "Dan"--the third person involved in this after-hours drinking party was an employee named "Jennifer" which I didn't realize until a long time later.

After that call plus trying twice to get the Sullivan campaign to call me back (and waiting until after 5:00 to give them a chance), I felt comfortable running with it.

clark said...

now, monegan.....??

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Something doesn't quite add up. If it was a 'post-shift drink', then it was 'after work'. If so, why was the girl still "working" for hours afterwards? Was she still being paid? Was she drinking for hours while she was 'working'? When they tested her afer 6 a.m. her BAC was still very high. It looks very much like they all just sat around drinking for hours after work. What was Sullivan really doing pouring alcohol into two ladies all night? Was he just waiting on the 'hugfest' at the end? And was this similar to the 'inappropriate behavior' that led to his sacking from the Sullivan Arena?

Anonymous said...

Phil - Just pointing out what a horses arse Tesche is.

He is selective as to who he goes after, in my friends case it was a bar owner that sits on boards of the Downtown Community Council, CHARR and the Downtown Partnership, all groups that Tesche was involved with too.

I don't know about their personal relationship, I do know that the problem fell on deaf ears when Tesche was representing the area.

And it didn't get any better when Claman became head of the Public Safety Committee, again, another public official who doesn't return calls, emails, etc.

It took Mike Gutierrez's appointment as Chair of the Public Safety Committee to finally get something done, as in hauling that bar owner down in front of Chief Huen and having the riot act read to him.

That bar owner is now in compliance and the problem is solved, not due to any action by Allen Tesche, or Matt Claman, or even Pat Flynn for that matter.

It took an Assembleyperson from another district to take an interest and help solve the problem.

Don't be so blind, your liberal heroes can be bad public servants just like the conservatives.

Tesche and Claman are proof of that.

Anonymous said...

You should go back through the ADN archives and find that precious quote from Tesche, I believe it was during his first run for the Assembly seat, where he was quoted as saying that he wouldn't take money from the liquor industry.

And then go through the APOC reports and see how much money he's taken from the liquor industry.

Good riddance to Tesche, he was a horrible public servant, and apparently still has a vendetta against Sullivan.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous with an axe to grind against Tesche,
I am not sure what your motives are but I have NEVER had any problem with Tesche returning my calls even when he knew I was not happy with something he had done. Your description of his habits does not at all jibe with my experience so it makes me question where exactly you are coming from and what you are trying to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance Allan Tesche is 100% right. He is a total tool. Never did any good for me as my lone representative on the Assembly. We downtowners were extremely hamstrung by him as he was a total failure. And here, he is using this letter as a proxy attack fro Eric, who frankly was doing great without this negative attack. Tesche has hurt Croft with this, not Sullivan.

Casey said...

lol..methinks Mr. Sullivan or a crony is reading your blog Phil.


Philip Munger said...

This story isn't about Allan Tesche. I'm no fan of Allan Tesche, believe me.

This story isn't about Eric Croft.

This story is about a middle-aged married man who seems to have gotten a new, 23-YO female employee so inebriated while on/off (?) the job at his bar, that, after giving her a hug, let her loose to injure somebody in her car. This story may be about how "Dan" might have been involved in that employee's trial process. This story might be about whether or not the APD or any other agency acted or failed to act to keep this story from coming more fully to the public eye, or to those who oversee the conduct of people in the liquor industry.I know Brown Jug employees who have been fired for far, far less than what "Dan" did.

And - this story might be about why the ADN has decided to sit on it for as long as they have.

Anonymous said...

KTVA has mention of this Dan, The Pitcher Man, situation. Although brief, it is there.

Unknown said...

Yes, in my city "Dan" would probably lose his license. And if "Dan" were running for public office, he'd probably withdraw due to public pressure.

I don't live in Alaska.

I think Dan may get more grief from his wife than the media or voters.

My guess is Dan will blame Eric Croft for "making stuff up", blame the "gotcha media" and just go won with business as usual.

But then....I don't live in Alaska so I'll let you guys call it.

Anonymous said...

I am no Sullivan hack, I am a liberal Alaskan. And while you say it isn't about Allan Tesche, it is. That is his signature at the bottom of this bottom feeding attack at the tail end of a campaign. Dan will not blame Eric. He knows better. The only one who didn't know better was Tesche. So, mr. Progressive, you are wrong that this isn't about Allan. It is.

It is weak. Allan is an anti-fun prohibitionist. he is the worst type of "progressive" and is the reason I would never label myself such. I am a good old fashioned liberal who believes people should be allowed to drink. Give me a break.

Philip Munger said...

I'll give you a break, anon @ 1:17. Tesche is a prude, for sure.

But "Dan" got this 23 YO woman drunk, hugged her and let her drive off in such a way that everyone is lucky nobody was killed.

Anonymous said...

I don't live downtown and I know that L Street IS a one way street heading north. How do I know? I got smacked by a drunk there a couple of months ago.

clark said...

i'm starting to think that ADN is just going to completely ignore this. maybe they think it's going to put them in a weird spot where they'd have to withdraw their endorsement or something?
i guess this is what it's like inside a culture of corruption.

basheert said...

Clark: Bear in mind what syndicate the ADN belongs to - McClatchy which is why when you go to their webpage, they always carry the Palin and AK items, much more so than the MSM.

The ADM is quite simply, just another tool.

It is interesting though that in spite of the last 2 election results, and the feelings/mood of the country, they are still getting their news from the Starship Enterprise and assuming the Republic Brand is healthy and happy.

I don't have a dog in this hunt at all...and SP is not technically "my" problem but it's gonna be so much fun watching these idiots eat their news.

Anonymous said...


I didn't sign my name accidentally. This is Chris Constant. I have had the opportunity to spend a few late evenings in several local bars. It is sad, but this scenario plays itself over every day.

I personally spend many evenings as a designated driver. I also live just a few hundred yards from these bars. i know it personally quite well.

It doesn't change the opinion for me that Mr. Tesche, while trying to be all oohh look at me smooth political influencer, is actually doing more damage to Eric than Dan.

It looks to orchestrated. Too conspiratorial. Too close to the election to be meaningful in the dialogue.

clark said...

"I am a good old fashioned liberal who believes people should be allowed to drink."
within limits, though, right? she tested at .1 hours later. she basically was blacked out when driving. there must have been more than three pints involved. where do you draw the line and say there should have been an intervention [i.e., a cab provided]?

Anonymous said...

I agree within limits. But Tesche is an old fashioned Temperance fighter. You have seen the photo of the old ladies with their sign caption reading "Lips that touch liquor will never touch these." One of those old ladies is Allan Tesche.

Driving drunk is damned foolish. As I said, I serve as a designated driver in many cases for just that reason, and most of my associates know to take a cab home if they are too plastered.

Doesn't change my mind that the only reason this whole posting came about was a slimy attack in the dying moments of an election.

It looks so desperate that it reflects poorly on the good fight Eric has put up. Especially since Eric didn't do this. Croft has many things to celebrate about his effort. I am certain this will not be one he liked.

Unknown said...

Just because Tesche is a prohibitionist doesn't mean he's not right in this case. Because he is.

Poor judgement. Really careless. Good thing no one was killed.

If I lived there and could vote, I would NOT vote for Dan Sullivan.

Why was it left to Tesche to expose this? Are the media in Alaska lazy, dumb or in the pockets of Sullivan?

clark said...

it's more like the pockets of the food and beverage industry lobby. one more disappointment on ADN's part, though. the story broke yesterday afternoon, yet today they still publish a ringing endorsement. they could at least have held off on that until monday while they sorted this out.
i guess we're all just a bunch of drunks here and it doesn't matter.

Kim said...

Like Maia, I have to say the first thing I noticed when reading Tesche's letter is that he had his info about L street wrong. To the anonymous commenter who said they got hit there by someone heading the wrong way on L street- thus verifying that it is a north bound lane, you are wrong. I live on the corner of 10th and L for 3.5 years. It is most definitely a one way street-- and it most definitely heads south.

So, if you got hit head on by someone driving south on L street while you were driving north, you're the one that was driving the wrong direction. L street does turn into a bi-directional road at it's northernmost point between 3rd and 4th.

Check it out on google maps:,-95.677068&sspn=35.684144,93.164063&ie=UTF8&ll=61.213288,-149.899735&spn=0.010602,0.04549&t=h&z=15&iwloc=A

Tesche must have been thinking of I street-- which is one way, and does head north...and, Maia, it does "head" to Westchester...the problem is that it's a mile back in the wrong direction! So, if the waitress had gone the wrong way on I street for sometime, she could have definitely ended up at the lagoon.

Anyway. That's not necessarily relevant to the discussion at hand. Sullivan should absolutely be liable. Tesche's not an upstanding guy, and clearly he had ulterior motives with writing this letter. But I think that is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is that Sullivan didn't just let another adult make her own choices-- the fact of the matter is that he gave her the drinks and let her leave. Something you are repeatedly cautioned against in any TAM training class.

Kim said...

*edit* I LIVED (past tense) on the corner of 10th and L for 3.5 years. Don't live there now. Nonetheless, I am intimately familiar with the road, having lived right on it. It heads south.

Anonymous said...

Another comment. I don't know how relevant this is to the discussion necessarily-- but the waitress in question still works at the bar (or did at least, last time I was in there about two months ago.)

I'm kind of surprised (having been a TAM licensed waitress on more than one occasion) that is legal for someone convicted of a DUI to work in a bar...

Anonymous said...

Clark says...I guess it is because we are a bunch of drunks here. I am guessing it is because the folks reading the blogs are drunk on the voice in their own heads and the story, as a political hit piece, isn't worth the ink to print. In fact, if it is a vital story, it will be just as valid a month from now.