Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Honeman Endorses Croft - WHERE'S WALT?

From the Eric Croft campaign:

Candidate for Anchorage Mayor Eric Croft today picked up another endorsement from one of the mayoral candidates who did not make it into the run off election. Retired Anchorage Police Department Lieutenant Paul Honeman threw his support behind Croft at a press conference.

“Eric and I share a strong commitment to make Anchorage a safer city,” said Honeman. “I am endorsing Eric because he will make sure our city continues working to improve public safety for Anchorage residents.”

“I am honored to have Lt. Honeman’s support,” said Croft. “We are working together to make sure Anchorage residents know my focus will be on cutting waste in city government so we can invest in my top priorities: schools, public safety and reducing property taxes.

The endorsement was announced outside of West High School, where Honeman and Croft emphasized the importance of public safety initiatives that work to prevent crime, like the School Resource Officer program.

So, my friends, fellow Anchorage and Anchorage area progressive Alaska bloggers? When are YOU going to put pressure on the guy you so love - Walt Monegan - to endorse Eric Croft for Mayor of Anchorage? Second time I've asked.

No reply yet....


RunninL8 said...

Not Enough Time In The Day, Phil...
Got er done,though.
The Huz and I were just talking about this this mornig,"why isn't Monegan speaking up?!?!"
Thanks for pushing this(and refreshing my ADD brain!)

Anonymous said...

there's lots of reasons not to endorse a candidate.

there's lots of reasons an endorsement might not be a good idea.

personally, I never understood the draw Monegan is supposed to have.

beyond being a target for Palin, what's so great about his bona fides that would make his endorsement so crucial?

I think back before Palin targeted Monegan and I don't recall Monegan being an active force in the progressive political movement.

After Palin targeted him, I still fail to see where he's risked anything to push progressive ideals.


Philip Munger said...

anon @ 1:08 am:

Walt wasn't seen as progressive by some parts of the Anchorage community when he was mayor, most notably the Latino and Pacific Island communities. OTOH, he was a long-time union member, and some of his work as AK DPS showed that he wanted to seriously attack domestic and sexual violence issues, like no DPS before him.

He got enough votes that his endorsement of Croft would help Eric. His non-endorsement of anyone gives a slight nudge toward Dirty Dan.