Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Muffin said...

Wayne Anthony Ross thinks about homosexuality. Often. He stays up late thinking about it. You know it.

clark said...

cenk: "let's hope the democrats in alaska are able to block [WAR's nomination]."
that was funny!
like that has a chance in the world.
they'll swallow WAR, grussendorf and doogan's insanity. i'll bet they can get all three of those done before 10 AM tomorrow.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Wayne Anthony Ross is an equal-opportunity hater. He hates gays, women and Natives.

I wonder how he feels about black men.

Philip Munger said...


I've been waiting for somebody to bring that up. The "KKK" stuff from the 80s is troublesome.

He was fussing a lot about that during the big MLK discussion period, and I seem to remember something very gushing about the old South Africa regime, but haven't been able to get to it.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder how he feels about black men."

He likes them. . . as long as they keep their place.

(I'm being sarcastic. Were the WAR here, he'd agree.)

E. Ross said...

Thanks for posting the video Phil, I hadn't seen it - and he was reading right off my post!

I've written an update for this week's public testimony and confirmation hearings: