Friday, April 17, 2009

Beware of the Matanuska Electrical Association Old Guard

--- by David Cheezem

Please vote for Lois Lester and Kit Jones and against Prop 1. in the MEA elections.

Lois Lester has been tirelessly fighting the good fight on the board for years, often alone against one of the most astringent, frankly racist group of people to ever involve themselves in a community. Kit Jones is a sharp Republican businesswoman. I’ve enjoyed watching her dive into her work since she was recently appointed to the board, asking the hard questions with an open mind and a keen intellect. She does not engage in group-think. She engages in facts. That’s why the old guard is trying so hard to unseat her.

Proposition 1 was written by a group of political strategists as a back-door way to unseat Janet Kincaid from the board. It adds another layer of absurdity to the Byzantine by-laws. In a small community, it is not possible to find many people who do not have a relative who works for some sub-contractor who might do some work for the MEA. What’s next, bylaws dictating hair color? Please don’t sip this potion.

The management at MEA created an environment where a white employee could harass a black employee for years without reprimand. They politicized the MEA organization. They foisted a biased and poorly researched document on the public -- in support of coal development -- and then tried to shout down anyone who dared to critique it. And it is very possible that they might do the same with nuclear — not just any nuclear power, mind you, but an untested turn-key technology that Mr. Yoder has been paid to promote.

The MEA has been a politicized, poorly managed swamp for so long that it is hard for some of us to imagine it any other way. I encourage you to try and imagine that real change can happen there. And please do whatever you can to make it happen.

image - Progressive Alaska


Anonymous said...

I'm looking at my ballot, and wondering why in the world they want to eliminate board member drug tests????

What's the short story on Props 2-8? Can you give a run-down so that I can get my ballot in?


Philip Munger said...

MEA is the only utility co-op in the world that requires a drug test. Perhaps some utility on another planet requires it, but...

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if I am subject to random screenings for drugs AND alcohol (lest I have a drink at lunch!) by my employer, why should board members not? While I'm one of those crazy liberal nuts who think that marijuana should be legalized, there are a lot of other drugs out there that I don't find nearly as benign, and they seem to be cropping up all over the valley.

On other propositions, term limits, good or bad? Advisory Committee, good or bad? Change seating of directors, good or bad?

Any insight? We've only been in the MEA area for just over a year, and are leaving again soon, so don't have any idea how the winds blow.


Anonymous said...

Privatize MEA - We would have no more problems and get our capital credits paid now.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Privatize MEA - We would have no more problems and get our capital credits paid now."


Wait. What? That wasn't a joke?

Yeah privatization solves everything. Look how well GM is doing.