Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th Wasilla Teabaggers Rally

Here are a few of the pictures I took this afternoon at the Lake Wasilla Park in Wasilla, Alaska. I thought the crowd was over 1,000, but Dennis Zaki from CNN told me it was more like 400 to 600.

After taking pictures of some of the more interesting signs and sign wavers, I attempted to count the crowd. I came up with 525. I decided to go back around, having noticed that there were only three non-white females there, and that all the males were white. The second time around I counted about 540, and spotted a Black couple.

I asked 30 men what their party affiliation was. In descending order:

13 Libertarians
9 non-partisan
6 Republicans
2 Alaska Independence Party

Rep. Don Young (R - AK) arriving

Dennis Zaki interviewing Don Young
Panorama of the crowd
Another view of the crowd
Don Young addressing the crowd
Eddie Burke addressing the crowd
Panorama along the Parks Highway

Mom and seven kids waving signs
A nutty guy
One of many white guys packing
The only non-White couple there
Having fun


Anonymous said...

That last pic is almost as funny as Sponge Bob Square Pants and Sir Mix A-Lot pimping Whoppers for Burger King.

BS said...

Did you catch them playing "Born in the USA"? Nobody knew the words of course. They didn't even know it was an inappropriate song for their cause. What a bunch of nuts. It makes me want to move to Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

BS...move to Anchorage...

That's a nice place.

I wasn't at the tea party in Wasilla but I drove by it. These people might start to vote again in the local elections.

Look out FOMS. The progressives and their little tea parties and community council meetings might have some company.


baja said...

Wish I knew you were there I would have liked to meet you and shake your hand.

I drove by and took a gander at the crazies... just depressing. I can't stand this stupid town.

flying fish said...

Who pays Don Young? Do the teabaggers think Mr. Young flew to Alaska for the party on a commercial jet?

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Great work, Phil. Perhaps next time if you ask people what their political affiliations are, you might also ask them if they voted - because every time I've looked at pics of the 'crowds' today I've wondered how many of them actually voted. Nevetheless, it was interesting to see how few Republicans turned up in Wasilla ... :)

clark said...

they were ALL republicans, really, aussie. two thirds of the state is undeclared. the libertarians and AIP people almost always vote republican. their candidates generally stay out of races when there is a viable democrat.

MichaelB said...

Do you really have that much against people being active in their communities and being involved in the political process?

Contrary to the way that you try to portray the Wasilla tea party participants, they weren't a bunch of crazys. I saw doctors and other professionals in the mix, among many others.

There aren't (percentage-wise) that many minorities living in Wasilla. So why would you expect a different kind of turn out?

No matter though...all were and are welcome! We don't care about race....but apparently you seem to.

There would have been many more in attendance, but it was held in the middle of the work day, afterall.

It makes me wonder about you guys!

Unknown said...

It must had been a rally to see if they could get the Wasilla Park Closed. I think we paid for that... WITH OUR TAXES. Don't they know they're getting a tax brake under the Obama Admin. And the Taxes we just paid was for the last administration. They should have waitted to Tea bag eachother next yeat.

alaskalive said...

First of all, I am not anonymous.

I do not slither around like a snake who just crawled out from under a rock.

The person who owns this bog has no life, no accomplishments and this blog, has no traffic.

Any psychologist or psychiatrist who examines the writings and meanderings of the blog owner would easily explain that this person feels so insecure that he can only feel good when he is going about trying to oppress the accomplishments of others.

This is typical of small minded persons. They attempt to elevate self from the direct put down of others.

I really have no more time to waste on this small, small person.

You are some piece of work, you and your fake cnn videographer.

At the next Patriotic Tea Party Events I personally will place great precedence on showing every person at the even just what a slime ball you are.
I am looking forward to pointing you out over the loud speakers and letting you get up and tell all the good citizens just what you think of them.
Good Day.

alaskalive said...

One last note to all who may find this hole in the wall publication...

You did all this work, you went out with your little camera, and you slithered around this meeting of Good Citizens of the United States of America, you did your counting, you wrote your little words... and for what? 8 people commented.
Wow, Thank God nobody listens to your weak writings.

Anonymous said...


Time for change and a fairer system, a country fit for all its citizens and inhabitants.

Ferrofluid C&L

b.p. said...

Well, I guess I should be thrilled to see that the fringe-dweller teabaggers are just as idiotic in the far north as they are here in the deep south. But, somehow, it's not much of a consolation. Great blog!