Saturday, April 25, 2009

MEA Progressives Solidify A New Utility Board With Another Win

--- by Gini King-Taylor

I am very grateful to have been involved in this battle, and I have met some incredible people:

Our MEA linemen, and their families, are amazing. Hearing their stories has helped me appreciate what they endure to keep our lights on. Next time there is an outage during a 50mph blow, with temperatures dipping below -20, think of the linemen out there searching for and fixing the problem, and say a silent "thank you."

And then thank the warehouse and supply people and the whole system at MEA, because if there is a break in this system, when they are forced to work under inept supervision, as they have had to since Carmony took over, things fall apart: linemen get hurt, houses go up in flames, and outages last longer than our freezers can hold our food.

Fortunately for all of us, they and we now have the ear of the Board. Thank you Lois, Kit, Janet, Katie and Peter for your desire to remain on this Board.

Thank you, Kevin Brown, for your understanding of the issues at stake, for your direction, for staying on top of it all. Thank you, All, for all your work. This was, indeed, a unified effort! Whether you were making signs, putting up and maintaining signs (and keeping up with the sign thieves!), waving signs (at random times; what a terrific strategy, which started weeks ago!), making calls, composing and writing letters to the editor (these were so effective this time, I believe), emailing, or talking it up to all who would listen, every effort was needed and counted.

We all had our part, and we all need to pat ourselves on the back.

Through all the dirty tricks, Karl Rove style, we fought the mighty battle! We slew the dragon!

And ... WE WON!
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Anonymous said...

Nice report Gini. I know you were a huge part of rallying the troops to get these two candidates reelected. Plus you gave a great job at the meeting explaining the recycling efforts that have gone in to effect since last year's meeting. Thanks for your dedication to the cause.