Monday, April 13, 2009

Saradise Found - Chapter Four -- John Zeigler on Bill Cunningham Last Night

Part One:

Part Two:


Ennealogic said...

"You're a great American, John Ziegler!" "And so are you, Bill!"

Sounds like they have a real mutual admiration society thing going. Cue the banjos?

It wasn't easy listening to both segments. And so much of what was said was just so wrong, I can't even start critiquing.

Who is this Cunningham fellow? Radio personality in Alaska?

Philip Munger said...


Bill Cunningham is the abrasive Cincinnati talk show host who got so overboard about Obama after Super tuesday last year, that McCain had to distance himself from earlier associations with the guy. There's a decent wikipedia entry on him.

KaJo said...

Part One: Had to laugh at John Ziegler's plug for his documentary, allowed at 2:13 to 2:23 of Part One -- the entire plug delivered without inhaling for a second breath.

Bill Cunningham's contributions to this interview: Oh-ho-ho ... Ohmygosh...hahahaha...

Sarah Palin-like giggles from Ziegler at Cunningham's puerile "joke" about "Mrs. Maddow"...

Ziegler lies about getting Matt Lauer to admit he lied about Sarah Palin. Matt Lauer, in actuality, wasn't stupid enough to walk into the verbal trap Ziegler was trying to set up...but I guess that didn't matter, Ziegler went with his version of the story.

"Co-habitate?" Tangential attack on Chelsea Clinton? Was that supposed to be another ha-ha moment from Cunningham?

I'm not sure what Ziegler's point was about the "he admitted he was engaged well before SP was a VP nominee"...Ziegler ranted so disjointedly I couldn't pick up on what his point was.

Now this is very VERY funny: Ziegler advises folks listening to this interview to review the MSM and be very skeptical about what they read.

He avoids mentioning people should be equally skeptical about Fox News, however.