Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Early on in this Anchorage mayoral contest, I clearly favored Eric Croft. Judy strongly favored Sheila Selkregg. As I watched the campaign, both impressed me. Listening to them on the air, reading their views in print, and watching them at events, I've come around to regard Selkregg as far more qualified to be Anchorage mayor than any of the rest of the candidates, including my friend Eric.

We live in Wasilla. We've recently learned here that you never know when the dufus who gets elected your local mayor might be later chosen through some quirk of fate for a more important role. Or not. Also, executive experience counts. Selkregg has far more of it than any of the other candidates, with the possible exception of Walt Monegan. I watched him closely, early on, and I admire the man very much.

PA largely stayed out of the Anchorage race because it was well-covered by other local progressive bloggers, by KSKA, and other radio, and by the Anchorage Daily News.

My gut feeling on Dan Sullivan is that he would be worse than Fink, better than Wuerch.


Seananon said...

Thanks for your endorsement Phil. How did you come to that conclusion? Sheila is ok...but our goddamn assembly has leaned to the right far too fucking long. If Sheila becomes mayor-and she won't beat Dan in a runoff(ERIC WILL)-it is likely her vacated seat will go to a republican!

Bullshit! Vote for Eric Croft!

clark said...

i agree with shannyn -- croft is the ONLY progressive on the ballot.

clark said...

and do you really think wuerch was worse than fink? i mean, they were both really awful, but fink just seemed like a pirate to me. i expected him to bite the heads off kittens during a press conference. that natty little 1950s suit and porkpie hat, all the while cutting anything i ever cared about [parks, trails, libaries, arts] to the bone.

mlaiuppa said...

Walt Monegan has name recognition. If you need someone to beat Sullivan, he's your guy. This is less a situation of who is best qualified and more a situation of who can best beat Dan Sullivan.

Seanonymous said...

A vote for Walt Monegan is a vote for Dan Sullivan. Period.

Too many candidates to split the vote.

And...by the way...I am not Shannyn. I am Seanonymous.

I say Eric Croft is the best overall choice. He's got the most experience. He's the most progressive...and...drum roll please....longer....longer...longer-still because I cannot believe people I know that call themselves progressive cannot strategically THINK....longer....Ta DAA!!!

Here is my what should be an obvious point:

A vote for Eric Croft will not shift the assembly back to those rat bastard REPUBLICANS!!! A vote for Sheila will...