Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 46 - Falsely Great Expectations

Saturday evening, the New York Post screwed up. They were putting material up for a Sunday front-pager called, "100 Days - 100 Mistakes." Not surprisingly for the Post, it castigated President Obama. As an attempt to carry the article's title, it failed.

It listed 100 mistakes its contributors claim President Obama will have made in his first 100 days in office. The set is a hodgepodge, though, and fails to document a lot of contentious claims made.

Hell - Even I could come up with 100 more interesting mistakes Obama has made.

In the Saturday evening version of the NYP article, item number 17 was listed as penned by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. For a few brief hours commenters at the NYP web site, the Conservatives4Palin site, and Ben Smith's niche at, believed that either Palin had written the piece, or that somebody had ghost-written it for her. The white-supremacist-linked site FreeRepublic's gushing praise of Palin was so embarrassing, they pulled the link.

Early Sunday, though, the article changed. Palin was no longer listed as author. It now appeared to have been written by conservative commentator, Meghan Clyne. Clyne, a Yale graduate, has written that, "I wrote my first column because I was enraged by the lack of patriotism displayed at Yale in the wake of September 11th."

Ben Smith and I both got emails from New York Post editor Steve Lynch, notifying us of the error, asking us to correct it. I modified my post, as did Smith.

Lynch claims that Palin never submitted an article for the series, and that the mixup occurred because he had confused Meghan Clyne with Meg Stapleton, the latter an employee of Sarah Palin. That is possibly true.

In our email exchange, Lynch seems to indicate Palin was asked for an article, that Lynch was in communication with Stapleton, and that - whatever the reasons might be that Lynch could have expected a Palin article - he never got one.

We probably will never know the real story. But for a few brief hours, thousands of Sarah Palin supporters saw the evidence they had always known would be there, once the media, the inept handlers, the White House basement political slime machine, the ankle-biting Alaska bloggers and ethics complaint filers, were kept at bay.

When these gullible people read the New York Post article yesterday, in their falsely great expectations, they were once again enraptured:

As I said on the open thread this is a major sarcastic shot across Obama's bow and significant that for the first time she brought up Obama's war room in 'undermining Michael Steele' but actually acknowledging she is fully aware of what is being done to her presently as well and also endorsing Michael Steele in the same breath.

Marvelous, just marvelous!


You Far-Leftist Extremist nutjobs are gonna be more angry than you've ever been when Palin turns out to be the next Margaret Thatcher...


Why is Governor Palin the only Republican who has the cajones to bitch slap Obama? Not that I mind, she does it oh so effectively.


I was just shocked cause I didn't even expect her to say anything. This is totally unexpected and WOW, she just whipped him like a Government mule..WOW..all I can say is U GO GIRL!!! Just donated another 25 bucks to her Alaska Defense fund just for schooling Obama


She is a genius! She gives a shout out to not only Steele, but also Limbaugh.

I don't think she is worried about ethics complaints...she knows she has plenty of money to counter attack them.

She will unite the Party. I can feel the shift as they all start looking to The Last Frontier and it's amazing Governor.


Talent will always win out in the long run. Isn't it ironic that she wrote this on the same day of the NFL draft?

Do you think if Sarah was a NFL player she would have been the number one draft pick today?


What Sarah has is a talent that few politicians possess: to know what the average voter thinks and to talk and write in those terms but being exquisitely cogent and eloquent at the same time without coming across as an egghead.

What a talent!


Obama...duh...uh...the man can't talk without the Mr. Tele. Verbally Clinton and Palin can run him in circles! He has to read it or it just doesn't come out. In 100 days he has destroyed the economy and put us in debt Trillions! He is the OWNER of this economy, he needs to stop pointing his skinny finger. Obama is not cut out for this job and it is a shame that some uninformed Americans didn't know this! What a shame.


The Akhanitsa, is pulling back the bow and firing volley after volley, showing command of the issues, but all with her trademark wit and charm. At a certain point, she's figured she's already a target, to give it all she's got. I really didn't expect this so soon, but it does validate the hopes we've had for her all these many months.


LOVE it. Haha. Smackdown. Yes, thank goodness Sarah's not completely out of the national political scene. She's staying in Alaska but using her pen to continue to be a player in DC. SWEET.

My favorite phrase was puppies and rainbows-- unless I'm out of the loop, I'm guessing Obama didn't exactly say that. But we who did not fall for that koolaid love to talk about unicorns, cupcakes and puppies as the theme of that illusive "Hope and Change" slogan.


Sarah calls it like it is. SARAH!! :)

this one will make the libs explode


Uh, oh. I'd better move away from these folks.

Anyway, once they realized the NYP cite to Palin was a mistake, the party ended. Or, at least ended their thread once Smith understood what Lynch's email meant. The other sites all dealt with it in their own ways. Like Free Republic, that just disappeared the thread.

PA's is staying up.

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GinaM said...

Good for you Philip. Leave it up as a reminder. Please let us know if you are "asked" to take it down again. I notice her supporters(cult members) get upset if you don't do what they want.

Philip Munger said...


I haven't been asked to take my article down, only to announce that the original article had erroneously cited Palin as its author, and to provide truthful information to the public.

Anonymous said...

Something smells in the state of Denmark...

oh. my. gawd. those c4pees/freepers/whatevertheycallthemselves are absolutely delusional. So many hopes that will be dashed on the rocks of Alaska's brutal shores...


Lee323 said...

Without a doubt, the NYP did this intentionally to garner a little more interest in their rag...and then said it was an "innocent" mistake. The funny aspect of this whole story is the Palinbots' responses. It sounds like even they couldn't believe she wrote the piece but were running with the bit in their teeth anyway. Mark my words, this piece will show up on Palinbot sites with Palin as the author from now until eternity...No evidence will be able to convince them otherwise. They are as facts-aversive as Palin herself.

Philip Munger said...


I agree that the responses are high comedy, but don't see any evidence this was anything more than SNAFU.

Anonymous said...

Phil -

SNAFU or whatever, make sure you keep a copy of the original. You never know when it could come in handy. These folks are whacko.

That aside, I got a really good YUK out of it when I realized what had happened!


Richard said...

Looks like Palin is still using that 'Pen' as usual, to clean out toe jam and her ears.

C4p has a commenter named 'gamsbo'. According to his own blog ( he appears to be really lame and a big hater of Democrats, Liberals and half breeds. Do you find it odd that he posts for Palin on c4p?

EyeOnYou said...

I think that my favorite part of this whole situation is the total meltdown that happened with the Palin lovers when it was brought to light that Palin did not write this (naturally any truly thinking person who has had any exposure to Palin would know she isn't capable of writing like that).

The conspiracy theories that are being bandied about as to why they would put Palin's name on something that she didn't write, leave it there for HOURS and then remove it later.

You see they are out to get her. They fear her, are jealous of her, can't bear the thought that she might make them look bad, is a HUGE threat to Obama and every other republican out there, so "they" have to do whatever they can to try and make her look bad.

Heck you even had some of those folks claiming that Palin should sue folks over this.

basheert said...

I am stunned at the complete lack of intelligence and common sense shown by her fans. If these are her supporters, she is in BIG trouble. This type of wackiness is a turnoff to most right thinking people who ask questions seeking answers.

The NFL draft post was particularly representative of the morons that find some personal comfort in following after her with buckets and shovels, scooping up the manure she drops.

As for the post, of course it is suspect. She couldn't write something like that if she tried. Honestly she certainly gives the appearance of being intellectually challenged.

Lipstick on a pig above covers it. The 2010 election will be fun to watch.

mlaiuppa said...

Disappeared the thread.


That's sure to give it legs and make Sarah's authorship immortal in urban legend-dom.

basheert said...

So, what is The Iron Maiden going to do when the swine flu shows up in Alaska (and it will show up in Alaska)?

Stay tuned to see how SPEEEEEEEE handles a potential pandemic.

Step 1: Look up the word "pandemic"......

Philip Munger said...


I think we're better equipped than many states to deal with this. The further Palin is kept from the actual machinery of reacting to something like that, the better. But that could be said of a lot of other US governors too.

Anonymous said...

SP will panic and over react! She doesn't think. . . she feeeeeels!

It's not her area. Public Health knows what they are doing and will handle this well. (I speak with first-hand knowledge.)

RunninL8 said...

Yeah. Keep it up, Phil. Don't you realize that by reading all these quotes from The Gullible Ones you are forcing me into bulimia? Sure, I wanted to lose a couple for swimsuit season, but not like this. Not like this....
Oh, neveryoumind. What a dorky comment I'm leaving. I just didn't want to say,"Ew! I just puked a little in my mouth!" AGAIN.
Peace out.

Anonymous said...

I believe there are more folks in the lower 48, just biting at the bit, waiting for Palins next spoken word.

I believe there are more of these folks (awaiting Palins next word) than the entire Alaska population.

The inviason of Palin's cult following has yet to be realized. Right now, it seems mostly cyber (to Alaskans that is), tomorrow it will be motor home caravans parked along the Parks Highway...

Think about that legal defense fund... Palin's lower 48 followers out number the population of Alaska by at least twice. Think about thier level of obsession with what she represents.

Just look at the numbers... Alaskans will be outnumbered no matter how Palin governs the state.

basheert said...

Your use of the word "cult" is interesting -
Also your statement "followers outnumber the population of Alaska by at least twice".

Doesn't matter - she is unelectable. If it hadn't been for the Bushies she might have sneaked by - but she scares pretty much everyone else. The American people saw WHAT she is and they didn't like it.

She cannot win. She has literally no support from Dems or Indies. You cannot win with a base only. Also she may not win re-election which will handicap her even more.

I believe you are underestimating the American voters who surprised the entire Republic party in the 2008 election. We're funny - we take it and take it, and then we vote them out. She cannot win. It won't happen. And the more she is rejected, the more radical she will become.

Can you say vicious circle?

Anonymous said...

basheert, it doesn't matter if she is electable or not.

Just look at the Alaska rural-urban divide. Ya don't need to be a elected official to keep the divide alive. There is plenty of urban Alaskans doing such in thier daily lives to do that.

And yes, I do call them cult followers of Palin. I went to a rally last winter, just out of mere wonder. Between the those protesting and those lovin, it was clear, our state, as we know it, is forever changed. The Palin followers will invade and Alaskans won't know what hit them. We may think were prepared, but we won't even see it till one day, our highways are pluged with Sarah look alikes and pictures of aborted fetus.

It is no different than the workings of the rural-urban divide. I am bias towards rural, cause thats the only life I know.

The Palin followers will be like a never-ending river of cult like invasion into our great state. The ability to get elected, is of no importance or will not weigh much on that never-ending river.