Saturday, April 25, 2009

TeamSarah's Jane Abraham Explains Palin's Legal Defense Fund

Another description of those pesky "front groups..."


basheert said...

Perhaps if nilaP would stop doing unethical things, she would not have to defend herself in these ethics complaints?

Oh...right ... I forgot.

Loose cannon, big mouth.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to see why this woman is in charge of Sarah's defense fund; they sound exactly the same-- lots of verbage, little meaning. In one clip, Sarah states that she has to defend the Office of Governor from these charges. Actually, I don't think that it has anything to do with the office. It's the misuse of office by the individual. So when her dear friend says, "Leave her family out of it." How exactly does that work when Sarah charged the state for travel expenses and lodging for her family, charges that she was not entitled to file. Oh, and speaking of ethics violations, Regina over at Palingates notes that the offical Alaska website carries de-facto advertising for the companies which sponsor Todd's snow machining-- or have they already scrubbed those links?

FW said...

Oh, good God...she wants to examine Sarah's record as governor? It is embarassing to say the least.

Governors do travel for state business, sometimes even overseas, but to promote the agenda of the state...bring jobs to their states, securing interntional trade deals, etc. There is nothing wrong with that. But for Sarah to attend a "Right to Life" Dinner in Podunk Indiana with a bunch of wingnut fundies was completely self serving...forget the chocolates and hockey had nothing to do with critical state business, at a time when the legislative session was ending, and she had a controversial AG nomination to be voted on.

Jeez...Sarah appointed a PRO-CHOICE judge just a month or two agao, and failed to get her parental notification bill passed...what the f kind of fundie record is that?

Anonymous said...

Just got back from her newest fund... what is this about defending "the First Family"? Is GINO thinking of funding the possible upcoming custody fight over Bristol's baby daddy or would this just cover the time Todd decided to blow off a that subpoena?

AKPetMom said...

"Let's go toe to toe on her public record...."

The only good I see coming from scrutinizing her public record is that she will never be considered for Gov in 2010, much less as a contender for national office EVER! That is a microscope that Sarah Palin would not want to be put under. By all that is holy, Palin ran under an umbrella of transparency and reform and since she's been in office she's been the worst offender of both TRANSPARENCY AND REFORM.

Don't these people get it? She's toast! Without a Rove to be her background voice and policy advocate she has no chance of going anywhere nationally.

Her future will be as a voice for her base, the same people that are unable to move on and get with the new program in America.

She will have a place as the voice of the displaced right. She'll make more money from that than she would being either Gov or Pres; at least she can do no harm and she'll keep those masses subdued.

They'll be lulled into thinking they might have a chance at taking over our country again and that's all it takes to keep them subdued and "happy".

Keep them subdued Sarah, that's all I ask....

Crap, I'm just preaching to the choir with this post but Newt Gingrich did say that Sarah Palin knows her place within the party and it's pretty much a given now that her place is not one of national leadership but as a "cheerleader" that raises money based on her looks and based on her relationship with the segment that saner minds in the Repub. party feel are on the fringe.

trishSWFL said...


would they like some cheese to go with their whine???

Maeve said...

Let us remember that the only ethics complaint that has cost Palin any personal money so far is the Monegan complaint.

Let us remember that the Monegan ethics complaint that was filed with the personnel board was filed by Sarah Palin herself.

The fact that she chose to use outside counsel to represent her, rather than the Attorney General, was her choice.

The fact that her outside counsel chose to go with the National Republican Committee's attack dog style of response was her choice.

The entire situation could have been wrapped up at little or no cost to the Palins.

Every time she chooses a course, which turns out to be the wrong course, it immediately becomes someone else's fault...

Anonymous said...

victim machine revs up and probably exposed cleavage to come for repressed male votes

Anonymous said...

When oh when are the conservatives going to get a new talking point about the her royal heinous? I could not would not watch/listen to this shite, but the heading is "Liberals, Obama Afraid of 'The Real...'" ??? Deal? It's amazing to me how many people actually buy into that fear talking point. She is so effing pathetic that my 4-yr-old could out-debate her. There is no way that she could survive the sh#tstorm of coverage, debates & scrutiny that would come with a serious run for office outside of Alaska. Honestly I don't think she'd survive another run here in Alaska.

One hopes that Fox has opened up Pandora's Box with this piece and that now other news organizations will report on it, making note of the fact that the only ethics complaints that have cost money so far have been the self-instigated Troopergate/Personnel Board fiasco and Travelgate, which resulted in her having to reimburse the State for money spent ferrying her brood around the country.

Please let it be so!


basheert said...

SP brings it all on by herself. The bloggers don't have to do anything except write what she spews.

The fact that 90% of the time she is still unable to actually form an intelligent sentence much less give a decent speech makes it just more fun.

Add to that the fact that she is an intellectual desert and you have the GINO that is SP.

She could never stand up to national scrutiny. And she will never get the chance again. Once she opened her mouth, she was toast.

You cannot win an election with only a base. And she has nothing to show. She has no accomplishments and a long list of apparently very dirty laundry. She has made a spectacular and very public mess of her life and her governing.

Even her education is a joke - she went to SIX schools to get a degree in Journalism? To do the weather on TV?

She is truly a nothing. And she will never be anything more than an EX-Governor of Alaska.

Blue_in_AK said...

Phil, a little off topic, but I presume you've seen this . The irony of SP lecturing Obama on bipartisanship.

teal said...

Stevens....Nothing there?

said Justic Dept. acted wrong, therefore all charges would be dropped...not that he was not guilty

BS said...

I just watched the video. Please excuse me, I think I'm going to be sick.

baja said...

I notice in the opener they don't mention that Palin traveled in the last week of the legislative session. ...Funny how they left that part out.

Then we have the irony of Sarah being victimized, something the right claims we are always crying.

The distortions and lies never end.

Daisydem said...

I have to post this comment. I can't believe the gall of someone to accuse the DNC or President Obama's staff/operatives, whatever of being behind the ethics complaints or the blogging. To be honest, I am sometimes tempted to stop reading or posting on the blogs because I know my President might be ashamed of me; I know he might say that I could be doing more worthwhile productive things with my time and energy. So why do I keep at it? Because SP and the McCain campaign and the Republican Party (for the last 8 years+) but especially with this last election punched some buttons in me that have made we not only angry but determined to be vigilant and to do anything in my power to keep them from power. I do not like the abuse of power; I do not like and am very afraid of the hate mongering, the lies, the disrespect. I do not see how a supposedly Christian mother of (however many children she has?)5 could do and say the things she said (scripted or not) that she expounded during her campaign. I do not like that she has racked up obvious ethics violation after violation and then LIE about them, about everything: the RNC clothes, the charging the state of AK for her family's travel? (I mean what gives with that?); charging the state per diem to stay at home; it goes on and on. I believe firmly in what the babygate blogs are doing (disbelief in her pregnancy/childbirth story started my interest) and I intend to stay vigilant relative to Palin and the Republican Party for as long as it takes for them to go away forever. Sorry to preach, thanks for listening anyone who reads this post.

justice4all said...

SP has documentation of apparent bribery and influence peddling in the Dept. of Justice. When will SP speak out about the abuses in the DOJ? The information has been made available on several PALIN sites from justice4all. There only has been silence, WHY?

Anonymous said...

"There only has been silence, WHY?"

Because Karl Rove wants to stay out of prison.

Any corruption in the DoJ would have been a direct result of Rove's politicization of the DoJ. There was lots of flakey stuff happening after he accomplished that. There is nothing to pin on the Dems from that so stop bringing attention to it. You act like you think the criminal activity of the previous administration should actually be investigated. Their loyal base isn't supposed to know that their fearless leaders were a bunch of criminals.

Anonymous said...


You *are* aware that it was the Bush DoJ that totally hosed the Stevens prosecution aren't you? Perhaps they screwed the pooch intentionally to let Uncle Ted skate.

Good luck trying to pin that corruption on the Obama administration. Perhaps that explains the silence?

Remember, it's only underhanded and nefarious when the Democrats do it. When the Republicans do it it's just politics as usual.