Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nice Day

Mooch wants to go on an adventureOk, Mooch. Here we are on the ice. It won't be here in a week.
Mooch checks the ice-bound sailboat
Mooch climbs the hull
Strider and Mooch want more adventure
Will he go out beyond the shore?
At least he will walk closely along
Mooch doesn't want to be left behind
Mooch reaches his limit
Looking down on collapsing ice
A piece of wood, embedded. click on the picture
images by PA


KaJo said...

I love it when cats follow their humans.

I used to have several cats, not at the same time, who adapted to a leash, and traveled with us in our minimotorhome. I even convinced a posh hotel in St. Louis to allow the first one to do this, in the hotel room, and walked him through the lobby on his leash. He was SO dignified and calm! He loved the attention.

The other cat who travelled with us, also used to go on long walks with me up on what we called "the power line road". We were usually alone on these walks, so it was very comfortable for the cat, who walked free alongside me.

I'm a cat person if you can't tell...

hello said...

Lovely cat. Does he go sailing with you?

Anonymous said...

Now that is one cool cat!

basheert said...

I must admit, I LOVE this series of pics. We live in the middle of the AZ Sonoran Desert so we don't see a lot of frozen lakes, or snow. Mooch is one great cat (we have 4) and I just wanted to say thank you for posting these wonderful pictures. It is so beautiful there (and so COLD).

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely environment and resident furperson with us. We have already tapped 100 so the snow looks lovely and inviting.