Thursday, April 16, 2009

Watching the WAR Confirmation Hearing - WE WIN!!!!

This is beginning to appear to be one of the most dismal recent days in Alaska history. The word very early this morning was that if it appeared WAr did not have 31 votes, the GOP would caucus and endeavor to not bring WAR's name forth today for nomination.

But, here we are, with my Senator, Linda Menard, praising this unqualified jerk, as if WAR is the epitome of integrity, honesty and legal acumen. One Republican after another is endorsing a racist, sexist, incompetent pathological liar, who told his most recent lies (in capital letters) just hours ago. The fact that the statement he denied having made is recorded, is known to every member of the legislature, and is on an important legal issue (Gov. Palin's most recent "list" for the Alaska Senate Juneau seat vacancy) now before the legislature, seems to have made no impact on most members of the Republican delegation to our legislature.

Now, my Representative, Carl Gatto, disagreeing with WAR on equal rights, Native rights, at first seems to be endorsing Ross. But, he refused to say he is voting "yes." This is unexpected.

So was the "No" from Rep. Tom Waggoner from Kenai. It is interesting that Waggoner brought up what had at first seemed to many of us to be Ross' selective or repressed memory, when it comes to what he might have said about women or minorities or the Exxon Valdez oil spill in the past. Relating Ross' faulty recollection of the Jerry Ward-Waggoner campaign just a few years back, the latter underscored what is becoming increasingly obvious: Ross will lie whenever he thinks he can get away with it; and - as in the Senate list case - sometimes when he even should know he'll immediately be nailed.

Now I'm watching my son's best basketball coach from Alex's youth, Sen. Charlie Huggins. Charlie sounds almost as wacky as WAR. Fitting, for the politician who made his campaign signs on camouflage-painted boards. Nobody could see them.

But - now they've voted. 35 against confirmation. 23 for!


Melissa S. Green said...

23 yeas, 35 nays: WAR goes down! Repeat, Wayne Anthony Ross will NOT
be Alaska Attorney General. We fought the good fight, people, and we
WON! Booyah!

HarpboyAK said...

I heard on Sunday that the Governess only had 30 votes, but I knew for sure that he was toast when Waggoner dumped on his support of that sleazebag criminal Jerry Ward.

Bones AK said...

Yea!!!!!!!!! Now, hopefully, my stomach will come to rest, my blood pressure ease down along with my pulse rate.


There is something right with the world

just jen said...

The worm has turned, dear Sarah. The worm has turned....

Anonymous said...

There IS a God & she obviously doesn't work for Sarah today!

SoCalWolfGal said...

Congratualtions Alaska!!!! I have been watching the blogs from my sick bed in Southern California, and just praying that WAR, and with him GINO would be defeated! Awesome news,just awesome.

The Yellow Porcupine said...

I guess there is a God after all! Sarahcuda's pandering to the extreme right wing "base" is certainly backfiring in regards to the Legislature. I wonder if she was "teabagging" yesterday.....

marlys said...

Thank you cards are in order!
I noted many a loud Nooooooo's.
Things are bound to get lively

KaJo said...

Go over to Newsminer and you'll find a list of who voted NAY and YEA, both House and Senate:

tewise said...

Congrats Alaska, and big kudos to you Mr. Munger you played an important part in this because of all the searching you did for those articles and making them known, hat tip to you sir.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am thrilled by the result. I had one dealing with Wayne Ross and it was not "pretty".

Second of all, I find it interesting that the legislators who want us to believe they are advocates for victims of domestic violence voted in lock-step FOR Ross' confirmation: McGuire, Fairclough, and Dalhstrom. (On another point, Dahlstrom claims to care for veterans, but her behavior shows that she really is interested in herself and votes at election time.)

The Yellow Porcupine said...

Sarah's on a Total Losing Streak:

Alaska Legislature rejects Palin AG nominee
• Lawmakers reject Palin nominee for Fish Board
• Nelson withdraws name for vacant Juneau seat

mlaiuppa said...

As I understand it, not only is he rejected, but he cannot serve an an interim AG either, also. You betcha.

ella said...

Do you remember these words on your post several days ago Phil

Update - 7:50 p.m: The Alaska Report is now running a breaker:
Wayne Anthony Ross goes down the drain
Palin's pick for Alaska's Attorney General doesn't have the votes.

3 days ago Dennis Zaki said those words in the AK Report - I should have listened,, now my nails are bitten down to nothing!
Congratulations Alaska and thank you Legislators for listening to the will of the people.

Star the wonder pup said...

Congrats to all of you. It seems that Sister Sarah is rapidly heading down the marginalization road, much to our relief down here.

I didn't pester your reps, since they have no reason to listen to my opinion, but good on all of you for your hard work in getting this cave man voted down.

Maeve said...

I believe that hell has frozen over. The Fairbanks Daily News Miner came out against Ross in this morning's op-ed.

Shows more back-bone than the ADN.

Thanks to all Representatives and Senators who voted "NO!"

flying fish said...

Hope. It's almost as good as listening to Mr. Obama's acceptance speech. Hope. I was afraid for us.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

This is a great day for Alaskan Bloggers!!!! Here is a post from "Marnie" on Mudflats...

Sen. Bill Wilechowski, one of the key legislators against W.A.R. just told Alaska’s leading independent commentator, Shannyn Moore, that “this could not have happened without Alaska’s bloggers.”

Here’s partial list of Alaska Blogs that helped get the word out:

A Bodenstown Perspective
Alaska Real
Bent Alaska
Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis
Just a Girl from Homer
own the sidewalk
Progressive Alaska
The Ester Republic
The Immoral Minority
The Mudflats
Think Alaska
We’re Not That Stupid

Damn right Alaskans aren’t that stupid. Indeed, Also. Too.
I hope y'all out celebrating tongiht! :)
Truth wins our over LIES!!!

Anonymous said...

Phil, stating a big fat QUYAANA, just might tarnish my proported reputation as a annoying mouse.

I really like being your annonynous annoying mouse, and strife to fit that bill, with a grade A+.

However, with my morning cup of joe, hot and steamy, I gotta give credit where credit is due.

Thank you for the efforts to expose WAR on your blog.

The moment Palin announced her choice for AG, and said his name... nothing but silence spread across my home. No one could say anything. I looked at the eyes of my foster kids, the eyes of a few young parents living here and the eyes of my sweetie.... it was the look of fear. No eyerolls, no looks of sadness, etc... it was fear!

This man did so much to stop my efforts to assist young parents... It started with the family who took me in when I was a teen mother. And in later years with me, when I rented my Anchorage home to young parents, wanting to finish highschool ...

My issues with WAR are highly personal. And I wanted to get ugly. I wanted to fly down to Juneau and let the world know my experiences with him were totally opposite of that nuturing stong family values he (and others) profess.

I watched this man, spew his legalize into my fathers face and threathen to take him down. My father, a Inuit man from the Seward Panninsula, stood strong against WAR. And it pissed WAR off.

I listened to this man bellow in my face, because I choose to have a child out of wedlock. Weird eh?

Thirty years later, the sight of his face still causes a fear inside my brain.

But I gotta say Quyaana to all out there, whom saw WAR for what he is. I prayed and prayed to the aurora, that opposition would be strong and consistant.

Quyaana Phil Quyaana


Philip Munger said...

annoy mouse,

you got me to cry. thanks.

{{{{{annoy mouse}}}}}