Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Nineteen -- Palin's Cultish Church Starts Pulling Info From The Web

Sarah Palin's longtime church, The Wasilla Assembly of God appears to be pulling some of the more Anti-Semitic and Anti-Islamic materials from their web sites. Anyone wonder why? NYProgressive managed to put a YouTube together of some stuff, though:


Erick Cordero said...

That church's entire site is down...

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

Any chance we can find out what materials Palin found objectionable at the Wasilla Library?

Blocking a communities access to certain political information would make a hell of a story wouldn't it?
Did she ban books on evolution or leftist politics or both!

Two years ago I wanted to donate a copy of Iraq for Sale the War Profiteers, at the Wasilla Library and they denied it at first. It wasn't until I made an impassioned plea stating the film was currently socially revelant and mentioned in all the news media, that they decided to put it on the shelves.

Given the influeance of the Repubs in the valley, I guess I should check and see if it is still in circulation.

Anonymous said...

Your blog post mentions Anti-Semitic material. You don't specifically mention any.

Are you just throwing out this stuff or do you know of anti semitic sayings of a church that Palin is not longer a member of.

Anonymous said...

You may, or may not, find information from the site archived here:

Cast your net and be ye fishers of men (and the gov) . . .

Philip Munger said...

anon @ #3 - the video speaks for itself. If you don't understand why I used the terms, you should perhaps question your own biases.

Anonymous said...

OK Phil, I watched the video again. The producer made a few unsubstantiated comments.

One about Assemblies of God churches wanting to tear down our democracy and replacing it with a theocracy. Another about the president not being a representative of the people.

Show me where The Assemblies of God says that, and where their video says that.

I could find nothing anti-semitic in the video except perhaps the emphasis of God invading Wasilla...perhaps I am insensative to something but I can't see it.

Besides that, the Assemblies of God is a huge organization all across america. Not going to get any votes by calling them a cult.

And also, Palin doesn't attend there anymore...not for years.

So the media, including you are setting up a strawman once again.

Anonymous said...

wah-sah-la? what is wah-sa-la?

red said...

thank you