Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Seventy-Five -- Aerial Witch Hunting in Wasilla?

Shannyn Moore yesterday, on the MSNBC Keith Olbermann Coundown program:

To me, one of the most fascinating things about Shannyn Moore, is the degree to which she can combine a down-to-earth (or down-to-the-sea) sense of humor, with thorough reporting and punchy one-liners. Her presence is connecting with TV and radio journalists - and their audiences - all around the USA.

Many journalists I've spoken with over the past three weeks find it hard to believe that Shannyn hasn't been given a more credible media platform in southcentral Alaska. Both she and Aaron Selbig were deemed to be too progressive, and shunted to the sidelines, even after they had both provided Anchorage listeners with some of the most important, detailed and accurate reporting and commentary in recent Alaska history.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with your comments Phil. I also find it interesting how much momentum progressives in Alaska had going for them; record caucus turnout in cold weather; 100s showing up at assembly meetings; KUDO Dawgs' phone calls to legislators to the point they pull amendments from the floor; all of the progressive ballot props passing in April; The Assembly takes a left turn...and then Tati takes over. Their first test in a radio world minus Aaron and Shannyn was the recent August election. Every progressive ballot initiative FAILED! Coincidence? I don't think so.

The real irony is that Shannyn appears on the verge of going national and has no regular radio home in Anchorage. One word-Pathetic!

Thanks for the great blog.

clark said...

that needed to be said. couldn't agree more. sometimes when i hear shannyn make a particularly good point i just say, man, i LOVE THIS WOMAN! a pretty common reaction i'll bet.
that was the dumbest move KUDO could have made -- although, not too different from what air america did to its best talent [malloy, maron, seder, rhodes] on the national level. or NPR's sacking of bob edwards two months before the '04 election.
i stopped being bummed out about any of it, though. we seem to be partway into a transition here. when complete, we will all be free-lancers, the pyramid will be flattened and the ADN, tati, CPB, AAR, et al. will each just be an archive and a memory. it was telling that in the recent primary i read PA's endorsements and no one else's.