Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Sixty-Five -- Wikileaks Material Being Removed From the Web Faster Than the Met Labs Went Up in Wasilla When Sarah Was Mayor

Posted by MadDog at Campaign Silo, a couple of hours ago:

What is really weird about this, is that even the cached pages on Google for the Wikileaks Sarah Palin hacked emails are gone.

Just flippin’ gone!

Like this one.

And this one.

For non-techies, let me see if I can explain this.

1. Wikileaks had a webpage or two about the “Hacked Sarah Palin emails” on its own site (Wikileaks) servers.
2. You can’t get to those Wikileaks webpages anymore.
3. You can’t even get to the Wikileaks site itself anymore.
4. Google had its own cached webpages from the “Wikileaks Hacked Sarah Palin emails webpages”, located on its own (Google) servers, and you can’t get to those anymore.

Does the word “Conspiracy” ring a bell?

One might logically assume that someone with Federal power intervened at both Wikileaks and Google, and said “shut it down!”.

One might even go further and assume that someone with Federal power said “if you don’t do what we say, we’ll arrest you!”

Note: Earlier in the day, I downloaded the Wikileaks Zip file of the “Hacked Sarah Palin emails”.

After looking at the stuff, I ended up deleting the Zip file and its contents since they were no more than what had been displayed at Wikileaks. I guess I should have kept them for ya’ll. *g*

Additional Note: Wikileaks, at the time the “Hacked Sarah Palin emails” webpage was up, had a “curious” little sentence that said, in effect, “we’re looking through the rest of the emails and should “interesting other stuff” be observed, we’ll post it.”

So, Here some of them go, before they're completely disappeared:


clark said...

there's a weird unreality about the yahoo hacking story. it just feels like classic karl rove to me. destroy the real evidence and put the hounds on the wrong track while you're at it.

Ishmael said...

There were still copies up on Gawker as of 5 p.m. or so.... But it wasn't a huge trove.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but hatchet jobs.[like I figured].Thats all maxist leftists can do. You guys are unelectable so you spread poisen. Swim across the berring boys RUSSIA awaits!

Anonymous said...

All of the leaked e-mails are still on the net.

If the McCain campaign is really behind the shutting down of WikiLeaks and the other attempts to censor this, they are even BIGGER technology morons than I thought they were.

The cow is out of the barn,
The cat is out of the bag
Toothpaste, tube.

Here are the e-mails in their full glory.

(You'll need to have a bittorrent client in order to grab the files. There are any number of reputable bittorrent clients. Utorrent, the Opera web browser, and Azureus Vuze are all quality products that support the bittorent protocol and are entirely free of any malware.)

Philip Munger said...

hey, jerryrollin,

I've been to the Bering Strait. More than once. Not about to leave this place. I love Alaska. I love democracy even more. Trying to get it back. We've got to defeat MOOSElini first, though.

thanks for the link, lacey.

Anonymous said...

You can get the wikileaks page here:

Anonymous said...

Or here or here, hell, I even have them stashed here
and here (unzipped)

Anonymous said...

First, a governor's privacy was not compromised. Rather, a mere private citizen's privacy was compromised. It's beyond laughable that the party advocating domestic warrantless spying would complain about this. Oh, what's that verse . . . reap what yea sow?