Monday, September 8, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Forty-Two -- Nobody Wants to Touch This, But Nobody Can Bury the Story

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Anonymous said...

We have already heard everything. The rumor about Track has been shut down hard and fast. Probably because it is not true. Or if it is true, someone will be hung out to dry big time because I believe it is a criminal offense to release juvenile records.

Anonymous said...

A juvenile offense with an adult consequence like having to join the Army? Is that legal? If it's true it shouldn't be legal.

Philster, this is a topic that you need to drop. You can't win on this. Save your energy to four or five things that you can prove.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully responsible journalists like Steve MacDonald wouldn't go down this path.

Nellie Moore uses unfounded rumors on KUDO to advance this story ?

KUDO ?!?!?

Please, what a bunch of garbage.