Monday, September 29, 2008

A Day Off!

I took a day off from blogging yesterday.

It was the first day devoted entirely to other stuff since August 29th, the day John McCain announced he had chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to accompany him to defeat on November 4th.

Judy and I have been extraordinarily busy, though.

I'm devoting as many hours per day to writing music for the upcoming (October 10th)
UAA production of Shakespeare's As You Like It, as I can find. Judy and I have been hosting and renewing our friendship with longtime friend, Nancy Lethcoe, from Valdez. She is our Democratic Party candidate for Alaska House District 12, a huge district, stretching from Valdez to Ft. Wainright to Palmer.

We're also hosting one of the finest American authors on issues involving racism, hate crimes and the growth of some weird trends in American politics,
David Neiwert. He's up here doing research for his next book. His books, and his blog, Orcinus, have won many awards.

Back to work!


Anonymous said...

URGENT Question from Czech republic - No Bases
Dear Friends,
Bruce Gagnon and I just received this query from one of the activists in the No
Bases Initiative in Prague, who have been actively opposing the bilding of a U.S. military radar in their country. Do any of you know anything about the U.S. military base in Fort Greely, near Delta Junction, Alaska? Or do you know how we might get in touch with someone from Alaska who does know? This is will be very helpful to our Czech friends.
The message from Prague is below. You can reach me at
Joanne Landy
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
New York
I'd like to ask you for some advice. We have been invited by the US Embassy here in Prague to meet Mayor Mary Leith-Dowling from Delta Junction, Alaska, close to the NMD base called Fort Greely, who will be here in Czech republic explaining to the people, how great it is to live next to such military base:-)

So I'm preparing some questions for her. And I wanted to ask you: Do you know something about this place? Were there any problems, protests of the people? How far is this village from the base?... because as you know here in Czech republic they want to build it 5 kilimetres from villages...

Thanks a lot!

Shelby said...

I love his blog and his books! You're very lucky to be hosting him. Enjoy.

Correspondent said...

Excellent blog. I've linked to it on my own blog.