Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Seventy-One -- Q & A Session

The word has gotten out somehow, and I'm getting lots of requests to be a guest on national, regional and international call-in radio shows. Twice now on Air America (Ron Kuby and Lionel), at some right-wing call-in programs, and so on. Some of the same questions are asked again and again.

Shannyn Moore has been on a lot of these types of shows too, so I've asked her for advice. I've also recommended that listeners go to our progressive Alaskans' blogs, particularly Alaska Real, Bent Alaska, Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis, Just a Girl From Homer, Kodiak Konfidential, Mudflats, own the sidewalk, The Immoral Minority, and What Do I Know? (all hyper-linked at the right hand side of this page)

Listeners and hosts seem most fascinated and shocked by the story on why House Bill 270 had to be crafted (or "Crofted," as I'm starting to describe). Even more disturbing is the simple, disturbing truth that had the Anchorage Daily News covered this story in detail, and given it true perspective back in 1999 and 2000 when this story was very, very important, we might never have had Sarah Palin for a governor, let alone potentially, "a heartbeat away from the presidency."

And the ADN still is not covering the story. Why not?

Here are some very short questions, with their answers:

Q --- Is Troopergate dead?
A --- No and NO

Q --- Is Palin a "reformer?"
A --- Randy Reudrich, the corrupt pol she has always claimed to have brought down, still maintains his power base, as chair of the Alaska GOP, and she is using him to further her campaign. The Alaska legislature passed our new oil and gas fees and incentives packages. Palin merely signed the bills. The FBI created the "reform" climate here, not Sarah Palin. Palin's claim that she "reformed Wasilla" is a downright, sleazy lie.

Q --- Did she really direct the Wasilla Police Department to charge rape victims for the investigations of their own complaints?
A --- Yes.

Q -- Does Palin really have ties to right-wing militias, a white power separatist group, the John Birch Society and other weird groups?
A --- the investigation is continuing, by national experts. Stay tuned.

Q --- Why is she so popular in Alaska
A --- luck, Alaskans' own selfishness (read $1,200 bribes to every Alaskan), and the lack of follow-up by the editors, publishers and producers in Alaska media, when their reporters give these bosses important leads on potential Palin stories. The national media and national and Alaska bloggers have taken up the cause, though.

Q --- Does she want creationism taught in public schools?
A --- Her views on this have "evolved" over the years, but in the 2006 gubernatorial debates, she is on record on multiple occasions as wanting "both sides of the debate" to be taught in science classes. By this, she means that she believes "intelligent design" in science curriculum, to be defensible in the Alaska and U.S. courts.

Q --- Is her family a typical Alaska family?
A --- Absolutely not, as should be obvious. I try not to go there, though. What people have seen already should be ample evidence of a fairly dysfunctional family. By anyone's standards, including Alaskans'.

Q --- If McCain and Palin lose, will she return to Alaska as popular as before?
A --- Perhaps, briefly, but probably not. She will be a one-term governor, at best. As more details about her dealings in Troopergate emerge after the election, she may even undergo an early 2009 impeachment and trial in the Alaska Legislature.

image - Rob Rogers - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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