Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Seventy -- Sarah's Message To The Future - Or Not?

This official portrait of Wasilla City Council member Sarah Palin, was taken in 1995, as she was planning her run against John Stein for his office as mayor. At that time, her husband, who is now refusing to honor a valid subpoena from the the State of Alaska, was a member of the Alaska Independence Party. It is a group that advocates a citizen's responsibility not to honor such "illegal subpoenas."

The document opened up in her three-ring binder is a copy of a mass-mailed flyer from the John Birch Society. She probably got it along with the other council members. It hasn't been determined yet whether or not it normally would have ended up bound as it appears in front of her. Next to it is an unopened copy of the magazine, The New American.

Confronted with this information, Palin spokesperson Michael Goldfarb says, "This photo from the early to mid 90s shows the Governor having her photo taken in front of a three ring binder of information from local citizens presented regularly to Wasilla council members by the town clerk. These binders featured material given by members of the public to all council members."

William N. Grigg stated today that, "I was a Senior Editor of The New American at the time the "Con-Con Call" story was published. We did send thousands of reprints of that story to every state and local policy-maker we could identify. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Palin's only contact with the JBS in this matter was receiving a copy of the reprint from local members."

I'm not so sure. At the time this happened, Palin was gearing up a campaign against Wasilla Mayor Stein, that was comprised of the following basic elements:

-- Eliminate the new Wasilla Police Department
-- Do away with taxes, including the recent city sales tax
-- John Stein's wife is a Democrat
-- John Stein's wife has a different last name than Stein
-- John Stein's wife is a baby killer (pro-choice)
-- John Stein might be Jewish

I was there. I watched that campaign unfold, bringing out a level of slime our community hadn't seen until then.

It makes it hard for me to believe, that, with all the stuff a city council member gets to go through, she somehow blindly chose those pages to show for her portrait.


Anonymous said...

nothing should surprise you any more, here's a pic of Sarah and Robert Bork.

Monroe Anderson said...

The world owes you guys up there a big thank you for providing it was an up close and personal reality check on the politik Palin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everydays information. But Alaskans, please do not let the Palin's get away with this. It will only show, one more time that Gov. officials can do what they want to and the rest of us peons have to pay fines and go to jail.
Alaskan blogs are doing a great job and all the U.S. loves it.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me that the magazine is NOT bound in the 3-ring binder, and that it is NOT hole punched for distribution in a binder. That's what I see.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look hole punched, it appears to be in a plastic sheath. which tells me she didn't want to destroy it in case she ever needed to reprint it.

john capistrano said...

Both Obama and McCain have been courting the Jewish vote. If Palin can be shown to at least sympathize with anti-semites, that would be important stuff to get out. Other than being there, and I believe you on that, is there any hard evidence that Palin accused Stein of being Jewish?


Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitic: Iran sponsored Joe Vogler's speech to the UN (too bad he died in that plastic exposives deal first, or we'd know what he would have said, or what nice introduction they would have given him).

Anonymous said...

....or quoting Pegler in her speech

Anonymous said...

"-- John Stein might be Jewish"

You need to show hard evidence that she was trying to use this as a smear.

Anonymous said...

I am primarily a conservative, and linked here via Drudge Report, via Kos.

Regarding Sarah Palin being an anti-semite: You could not be further from the truth. I'll bet you 10-1, she is a dispensationist, rapture-believing Evangelical Protestant. Her variety of Protestant who believes in the (unfortunately errant) Rapture, has to - by design - believe in a role of Israel and the Jews.

Every single Protestant who subscribes to a belief in a 'pre-trib' rapture (and necessarily believes in the role of Israel and the Jews) has nothing short of a complete allegiance to Israel, and always, always, always has a special place (positive) in their heart for Jews.

As a Catholic, I do not believe in this (the theology is poor, as the Church is the new Israel, the universal - or 'Catholic' Church, for Jew and gentile alike, and is no longer considered a people or bordered country) theology, and the translation to unilateral protection of Israel.

Anyhow, I've yet to meet a dispensationist Protestant who is an anti-semite. An extreme example of what I am referring to is John Hagee. Google his name (most of you are already familiar with him). He is anything but anti-semitic, and his views toward Jews are common among Evangelicals.

It is however, completely acceptable to be anti-Catholic within those ranks, and sometimes not just on the theological level.

You lefties need to stop hating Christianity so much, learn it's theology from the inside (for your benefit), but especially so you do not make as goofy of mistakes as this in the future.

I read this claim and inherantly knew it was bogus, just like the folks at when they saw Dan Rather's bogus (word.doc) documents.

There are other items that may be legitimate on Sarah Palin (timing with a young child, being a mother with multiple young children etc.), but you guys are grasping for staws.

This will not scare Jews: They typically know Protestant Evangelicals will stand by their side (to a fault), while Arafat, Castro and Chavez-loving and admiring lefties would throw Jews and Israel under the bus, anytime, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

BTW - I posted the last posting. Of course I know Arafat is dead: What I am referring to is the left's embracing of the likes of Arafat, Castro, Chavez, Guevarra et long as they seem to be sticking their thumb in America and Israel's eye.

The left has been notorious for pointing the blame finger of Islam's 1,400 years of aggression at Israel and Jews (a nation only for 60 years).

The attempt here is to scare Jewish voters by claiming Palin may be anti-semitic, but Jews will know better, merely by knowing she is an Israel embracing conservative Protty-evangelical. Which is, by default one of the left's 2 largest enemies: Conservative Protestant's and conservative Catholics.

I've yet to see true anger (or any for that matter) toward Islam, or even Jihadi's, from the left. I know the anger from the left toward Christianity will never be matched.

Anonymous said...

While you're scratching your heads over everything, you should flip over to the "Powered by Christ Ministries" site and scratch "America's Pretrib Rapture Traffickers" and see what comes up. It can do a body good! Ashley

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