Monday, September 8, 2008

Babcock Slime Coup Underway at MEA

There's a coup underway right now by the Babcock clique at Matanuska Electrical Association. The object is to remove newly elected board member Janet Kincaid from tha board. The allegation seems to be that she attempted to have MEA crews remove debris from her property. Because of recusals, etc - it will come down to a 3-2 vote.

This is so fucking typical of the old guard there.

Sorry, we got home too late to go, and I'm involved in trying to find ex-Wasilla Chief of Police Charlie Fannon to go over there and just watch.


Prairie Sunshine said...

Keep up the good work, ET. The reports from the front lines in key states cut through the static of the very-self-important media who doth dissemble too much.

Anonymous said...

Hey, ET. Great to have you on the story. I hope you saw the remarks I made about you at the other place on the rape kit thread.