Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Forty-Nine -- Shannyn Moore & Rev. Howard Bess on Palin

Anchorage Progressive media phenomenon Shannyn Moore appeared Sunday on Fox's Geraldo Rivera Show, where she was repeatedly attacked by that male slut.

She held her ground, resorting to common sense and facts, which further enraged Rivera. The next day, Shannyn found a more dignified, but very charged venue on the Keith Olbermann Show:

ABC News continues its aggressive in-depth coverage of Sarah Palin, with a news story about Palin's religious beliefs, and how they have informed her public policy decisions in the past:


Anonymous said...

After seeing what is being said concerning the campaigns and racism, I became very upset about what it could mean for the future. I am very troubled with some of racism that I see in S. Palin and J. Mccain not doing anything about it,

This this is what I understand is being said.

Jews -- e.g., she went to church to her a speaker. The speaker had been announced in advance. She sat in the church listening to him. She did not even get up and leave. To summarize the man said that Jew deserve to when they are killed cause that have not converted to Christ.

Blacks + Intuits -- There are other things that she has said like "darkie musical, Arctic Arabs and f$%king Eskimos."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could provide some references for those serious allegations?

I'll be waiting.

Anonymous said...

Hey - this was on television recently, I believe. (don't recall just where I saw it) Some guy, oh yes, David Brickner, a proponent of "Jews for Jesus", had been invited to speak @ the church Palin attends. There was no comment about whether or not SHE had been there. But, the pastor commented that they would invite him again. Evidently the previous poster had been there. Here's the website: Hope that helps!

Hillary fan for Barack & Biden

Anonymous said...

Wow, her Gibson interview was just scary. Can't people see the puppet masters trying to pull the strings on George W. Palin?

red said...

thank you