Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Sixty-Three -- AK Atty. Gen. Talis Colberg Shames All Alaskans

My good friend and former colleague, Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg, has all but sold his soul to the Karl Rove-esque squad of goons sent by the McCain campaign and the RNC to Alaska.

They came here, beginning on the late afternoon of August 29th, to derail democracy in the Far North. With the able help of Alaska's MSM media, kowtowing to people like former human being Bill McAllister, who is orchestrating putting the blow job knee-pads onto the knees of the editors of the Anchorage Daily News, KTUU TV, APRN and others here, something really bad is happening.

The KTUU video of Colberg's statement today regarding how his office is going to derail the pre-nomination, non-partisan, unanimously mandated investigation into discovering the truth behind the bizarre dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, isn't up yet.

But when Judy saw him making his statement, she swore and swore (she doesn't swear much), almost grabbing a shoe to throw at the TV, toward the image of a man she had, until then, deeply respected.

In one fell swoop, Colberg went from being one of our most honorable AG's to what may come to be regarded as our worst. He has dishonored his sterling record, his family's image, and his high office, by enabling the McCain Straight Talk Express bus, to throw Alaskans, and our constitution under its desperately grinding tires.

image of Talis Colberg giving the 2007 commencement speech at Mat-Su College. In the speech, he did me honor, by acknowledging my 13 years service as the College's band director, as I directed my last performance there.


Anonymous said...

Spot on.

This election is a sham. America has now devolved into third world buying of votes.

The United Nations should come here and evaluate our once great nation for election fraud.

Anonymous said...

I am just sick to death of this! Who can we write to? I can't believe she is getting away with this? And she is so power hungry if she loses this time around she will come back for more! And everyone, call/phone your Voter registrar and make sure you are registered! I thought I was...Permanent absentee voter status, but somehow I wasn't registered! Or my boyfriend...or my Son!!! We are in Cali...I think whoever said this election was a sham is right!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote to Sen. Diane Feinstein about this! I'm not letting Mooseburger off the hook! We should all write/email about this!
If she abuses power as a Governor imagine what she will do if elected VP or worse Pres?
Please god NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!