Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Ninety-Five -- " I Were Ill..."


Peter Stanton said...

Cafferty is very mean. He shouldn't pick on Sarah like that.

Anonymous said...

Mean? Sometimes the truth hurts Stanton.

clark said...

she managed to survive 16 days so far, past the day i said she'd be removed from the ticket [some of my friends had a pool on it].
how much longer is this going to drone on, though? i mean, it's entertaining -- or would be if there weren't serious, life-altering implications.
cafferty was right on. i'd expect a better answer out of george w. than that smorgasboard of mashed and confused partial talking points. saying she was off subject would be charitable.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sarah is making Alaska look like it elects zealots and small minded vengeful people. She is making the State look bad.I think this story summed it up using terms like "bumper sticker wisdom". Ouch.


Waiting for the "family emergency" to have it leave race before debate.

Anonymous said...

If Palin gets elected, Alaska wouldn't have her a governor anymore, isn't that a relief?

Anonymous said...

Her stance on abortion has always bugged me, but I voted for her because she was "a breath of fresh air." My logic was that she was a governor and that was state, and abortion was a federal law, how much affect would she have?

Little did I know!

Shelly Amber said...

Remember when SOMEONE said that Obama would be learning on the job if elected president?
And frankly, this incohesive babble isn't the dumbest thing she has said!
Remember her stance on Under God in the pledge? She said if it was good enough for the founding fathers it was good enough for her.
Maybe the vetting process doesn't have an American History test....maybe it should.
This is an embarassment. She is a pathetic excuse for ANY VP....
Cafferty was right on....this was pathetic.
She should go back to pretending to be pregnant....

Anonymous said...

Reading you from Brussels, Belgium.
Keep it up, Progressive America!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, this is too scary already! I have zero faith in americans, to do what's right.
this woman is a blatant gimmick!

red said...

thank you