Thursday, September 11, 2008

Progressive Alaska Deletes Its First Post

Late Tuesday, a friend sent a tease to me from the National Enquirer. It was an early web release of a story that begins appearing in print in today's edition of the Enquirer. It is a story that is mostly about Track and Bristol Palin. You can go to your nearest supermarket and purchase it.

Progressive Alaska has removed the post, and its comments, for one reason. After returning home from work and a list of errands yesterday evening, there was a message for me from a reporter from the Enquirer, John South, in Los Angeles.

After changing out of my wet shoes and socks, and getting in Judy's car to drive over to a dinner on the other side of Palmer, for a farewell dinner for some paid Obama staffers, about to head down to swing state assignments, I called Mr. South.

It was a fairly long, courteous exchange. However, he said one thing that troubled me overnight. When I got up this morning, I read back through the information in the tease, looked at my notes from the conversation with South, and deleted Tuesday's post. That post had ended, with a quote from the Enquirer article tease:

The ENQUIRER has discovered shocking new details about the red-hot affair scandal!

What National Enquirer reporter John South told me yesterday evening, that caused me to not be able to sleep last night, and to remove the post this morning, was his statement:

We just haven't nailed that one down yet....

My apologies to those of you who commented, and whose comments or links have now been removed.


Anonymous said...

You did the right thing, no need to repeat their tripe.

On the other hand, USA Today ran the Wasilla rape exam story.

You and your blogging cohorts deserve credit for putting that story out there.

Anonymous said...

Like the National Enquirer has impeccable journalistic standards (I’m having a space aliens baby). You should be embarrassed that you even considered post something with the National Enquirer as a source.

Unknown said...

No biggie,

glad to see an ethical stance taken.

we can always repost.

for your data bank:

United States National Debt

(1938 to Present)

An Analysis of the Presidents Who Are Responsible for the Borrowing.

Unknown said...

actually the space alien stuff is from another check out stand tabloid.

it's been quite a while since National Enquirer has been successfully sued.

Anonymous said...

Enquirer still going after children. And one who just shipped off to Iraq at that.

Good job taking it down.

Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of god....

he National Enquirer "which is being celebrated for scooping the mainstream media on the John Edwards mistress story, has quietly settled a lawsuit filed by a Cape Cod woman who claimed the Enquirer published false and defamatory stories about her supposed 'love child' with Senator Ted Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

Surely even The Enquirer would be a bit more careful in this situation, knowing the Republican machine 'could' come after them. (and probably *is*, at this very moment, regardless of veracity)
I had read the story about Palin's alleged affair in some "news" article somewhere online, yes a genuine news outlet, but only read the other stuff here. (and @ Steve's) Who knows?

You were right to take it down, I agree.

Thanks for all the good work up there, too. Sent your link to Anderson Cooper :~)

Hillary fan for Barack & Biden

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