Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Fifty-Four -- What Link is That, Sarah?

Gov. Palin is a study in the evolution of how one learns - quickly! - to lie, when thrust upon the national stage:


Anonymous said...

You have many fans now, and we are circulating this blog U.S. wide.
Love all your truth and investigation that you do. Gov. Palin is terrifying. Her abuse of Gov., animal rights, Indian rights and her arrogant, this is "me", "mine", I'll do as I please, lie, cover up, whatever, to be in power is appalling!! Lucky for these investigations, she deserves no office, no power in anything. Thank you, thank you for all your articles. Her policies are a disaster for all of the U.S.

Laural Out Loud said...

And what link is it that they have now found? The ferries? Because those have been running for decades.

kodiakgriff said...

Come folks, she accepted free money from the Feds and we are condemning that?
Most Alaskans have worshiped Uncle Ted and The Don for for doing that very thing over and over again.
Sarah did not literally tell congress no thanks,granted, but when she moved the money we did get to other projects her message was clear.
As an administrator she welcomed the bridge, but not at Alaska's cost, as there were more needed projects to accomplish.
Does any one besides me remember Ted standing on the senate floor, when the senate was discussing taking the bridge money and using it to help fund bridge repairs needed after Katrina rolled through? He stood there and said that if Alaska did not get the money he would quit.
So we got some of the money and kept Ted. I am not sure that was a good deal or not.
Don't get wrapped around the axle on the "flip-flop" issues, every politician does it. Move on and discuss the real issues.

Anonymous said...

I think that she was clear in this: she wanted a bridge but not at that price. Is that wrong? What percentage of the DOT budget would it take up?

red said...

thank you