Monday, September 22, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Eighty-One - O'Callaghan Places the Heaths in Pawn

Edward O'Callaghan, former co-chief of the terrorism and national security unit of the U.S. attorney's office in New York, and present de-facto Attorney General of the State of Alaska, didn't have to hold a gun to the temple of Meg Stapleton today to make her talk. He didn't have to set a team of waterboarders upon the Alaska press, to get them to write or film his fluff bullshit and lies.

But he did have to sequester the press away from the short row of prisoners, held at the rear of the room. He didn't want the press to see the unhappiness in these peoples' eyes, their slouchy poses of surrender, after they had been mentally beaten into submission by the demands O'Callaghan's crew has made upon their lives.

Fortunately, Dennis Zaki managed to get off a good picture of this ineffable image of the sadness of the passing of the Alaska we all knew until last week. Here's the Heath family, lifeless putty in the hands of one sick puppy:

Here's the Anchorage Daily News' "raw feed" of the conference the prisoners were forced to witness:


Anonymous said...

This is one sick investigation. I do not know why we all have to keep putting up with this sort of distortion of the truth.
Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning ET,

ol cbl from FDL here.

getting more difficult to know the players without a program - so I have a question.

of the 7 Palin aides who have refused to honor subpoenas, has anyone identified their attorneys and who is paying those attorneys ???

Ivy Frye - "special assistant" to Palin retained Palin's atty Van Flein -

keep on keepin' on !

Freshwrestler said...

Who are these people? This is the first time that I heard them speak. Such theater, and bad theater at that. The woman is talking real slow so us bumpkins can understand her. Look at that OCallaghan glowering at us little plebs from the back woods. Probably best that they stay in Juneau were they are used to this crap. Now I bet Todd is glad that they have kept the Captial down there!
Over at the AK Dispatch,, Donald Craig Mitchell has a great post about how this may all be illegal, but who is going to investigate?