Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anchorage Anti-Palin Protest Sets Record

I've never seen such a large demonstration in Anchorage. One Anchorage police officer told me that the crowd size might be approaching 1,500. That was an hour before it seemed to peak, at about 2:10 p.m. Eddie Burke's group probably got to be a bit over 125.

I'll post more pictures later, at my myspace site. Meanwhile, AK Muckraker has posted pictures she took while infiltrating the GOP Sarah rally this morning. A very controlled, event. Her pictures remind me of a mega-church rally, except it is for Sarah, instead of Jesus...

Eddie Burke

Dennis Zaki with his new video camera


nanareenie said...

I live in the Lower 48 and I'm counting on Progressive Alaskans to let the rest of the country know just what Sarah Palin is: a fascist, an opportunist, and someone not qualified to be vice president, let alone, a heart beat away from the president.

Anonymous said...

Remember that 80% of Alaskans approve of Palin.

Progressives are a bitter minority here...but they try.

Anonymous said...

We may be a minority here in AK but we are not sheep & we are NOT stupid...I for one, am not bitter, I am horrified. The TRUTH needs to be put out there no matter whose position it helps or hurts. We cannot make good choices in leaders if we are fed a bunch of half-truths & outright B.S. The GOP has raised the bar on that tactic to an all new level in the last few weeks. It is appalling. I thought McCain had more integrity than that... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AK BLOGGERS!!

Unknown said...

Anonymous 4:54 - I am an Alaskan Progressive and am most certainly not bitter. Democratic Progressives along with President Obama and Vice President Biden are revved up because we are going to win the national election.

Actually, we heard that Sarah Palin "kissed and made up" with Randy Reudich at the Republican National Convention, that same Randy Reudrich who is head of the Alaska Republican Party and was convicted of corruption. Apparently Palin felt it was not OK to be corrupt in 2004, but now in 2008 it is OK. Another Palin flip-flop. I guess that is consistent with Palin's supposed trip to Iraq - you know the trip to Iraq where she did not actually go to Iraq. That would be somewhat similar to her repeated claim to have "turned down" the Bridge to Nowhere, when in fact, she said no such thing and actually accepted the federal money anyway. With confidence that Palin's empty record is now being revealed, we Progressives have nothing to be bitter about.

Unknown said...

Eddie Burke was at the demonstration? That was probably the closest he has ever been to a library.

Anonymous said...

SARAH PALIN IS A 'PHONY MOM & POLITICIAN!'. Simply because...SHE DIDN'T EVEN 'BLINK OR CARE' she is leaving a 'special needs' child behind, with a pregnant teenager to take care of it, and her other two daughters to fend for themselves when daddy is on the trail too! DID SHE EVEN DISCUSS THE OFFER WITH HER HUSBAND? so much for her 'christian belief', the bible says the husband is the HEAD of the family! goes to show it's all about HER!

it happens every day in allot of homes, with moms who have to juggle between family and an 8 hour shift, but there's one difference..their not running for office! she is a poor example of a mother! whatever happened to 'sterilization', birth control pills, or family planning? 44 and unprotected sex?? really irresponsible!

secondly, she has no experience or has any idea what the job demands, is contrary to john Mc Cain on 'many issues', and is lying, repeating her lies NON-STOP!
I also hate the fact she doesn't give SQUAT about the environment! Especially her comments during her convention speech! quote referring to Obama; what exactly is our opponent's plan? What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he's done turning back the waters and healing the planet? she isn't even aware ALASKA'S ice cap IS MELTING ALL AROUND HER! and what's wrong with HEALING THE PLANET anyway? we're doing a lousy job of protecting it don't we! All she really cares about is lying, defaming others, hunting, and being in the 'spotlight'.
I'm a Hillary supporter who accepts Joe Biden, and i see clearly how 'phony she is'.

Look at her POOR record of protecting wildlife! she is totally oblivious of the fact, that the polar bears are dying off! LET THE GUNS BLAZE! DECLARE OPEN SEASON ON THE POLAR BEARS, MOOSE, CARIBOU, AND WOLVES! WHAT'S NEXT!? SHOOTING SOMEONE IN THE FOOT? LIKE DICK CHANEY? (i know the dude was shot in the face) DON'T TRUST HER AMERICA! I DON'T FOR-SURE

Unknown said...

excellent pix and article!

sure appreciate so many taking the time to speak out!

spreading the site links around down her in the lower 48.

clark said...

great turnout, looks like. wow! that is very impressive!

Anonymous said...

nanareenie, you keep right on living in the lower 48 too, we have enough nutjobs here already...

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you AK bloggers are out there...this country is in BIG trouble if Sarah Palin makes her way into the V.P. office. Every day the plot thickens and this woman is exposed as a complete fraud. Are we so easily fooled? Are some women in this great country of ours so ignorant that they will vote for this woman based solely on gender? I feel much better having found this site...perhaps the word will get out in time!!!

Anonymous said...

Love what Alaska is doing and love your courage to stand up for the truth. The lower 48 is working too and pulling for a fair Gov. for Alaska. Palin's lies and cronyism is disgracful, not ready for our V.P. We do not need more Bush/Cheney. Of course, she can be a working mother, if she has the state of Alaska baby sitting for her.. Says she won't be back in Alaska until the Election/Nov. What about the Baby?? She will put women back to the Dark Ages and start another War. One scary woman. Thanks Alaska and keep protesting and blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hello from New York. I just wanted to acknowledge you all for standing up. I am sending out emails with all the news I find about the protest rally.

salerna said...

A big high-five from northern NY. Thanks so much for having the courage to speak your truth. Your protest, more than anything I've read, underlines my opposition to Palin.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Palin herself is not the issue. The issue is the EXTRAORDINARILY POOR JUDGEMENT of McCain, putting CAMPAIGN BEFORE COUNTRY, in selecting her.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya from Australia! I am watching the VP nomination of this woman in horror from Sydney. You demonstrators make me proud to be an American! Keep up the good work and keep pushing to tell the truth. The world is watching this with great interest and I believe great dread at the possibility that Palin has a chance at any real power.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

Alaska Diva said...

so, how do we get our own Valley protest going? I'm game.


Anonymous said...

I hope the media is still up there looking under the rugs when the election is over. Maybe they will cover the riots that will occur when Obama loses and I can watch you burn your igloos down.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thank you for speaking the truth in Alaska... keep up the good work, keep up the pressure on the media to expose the truth about Palin... her lies and cronyism are bad for Alaska, and will be appalling for America1

Anonymous said...

It is so encouraging to know that we still have a source to get the truth out on the political game of smoking mirrors that McCain and Palin are trying to thrust down the throats of intelligent, openminded Americans. America should not be represented by the likes of McCain/Palin which in my opinion display as much arrogance and self-righteousness as
Bush/Cheney. Remember--- the selection of future Supreme Court Justices is a "choice" we cannot afford to lay in their hands.

red said...

thank you


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin came to California. She went to a brunch in Burlingame (about 15 miles south of San Francisco). There were some people protesting her visit.

Manthony said...

Thanks for posting this, great pics!

Anonymous said...

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You demonstrators make me proud to be an American! Keep up the good work and keep pushing to tell the truth. The world is watching this with great interest