Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saradise Lost - Chapter Sixty-Two -- Wherein Don Young Attempts to Tie Himself To Sarah's Coat-tail

hat tip to Dillon

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Unknown said...

If Sarah Palin and Don Young are such a strong advocates for drilling in ANWR, then why did she unilaterally evict Exxon from Cape Thomson? Cape Thomson is, after all, immediately adjacent to the northwest corner of ANWR and the mouth of the Canning River. Pressure from the Governor and the Alaska delegation could have been brought to bear on Exxon to actually make Point Thomson drilling happen, but none of them, not Palin, not Young, and not Stevens, tried to work with Exxon on this issue.

Gas or oil, having serious drilling and production activity and a staging area right across the river from the desired ANWR lease block would have helped the case for opening ANWR. The moment was right for working with Exxon, and Palin and Young blew it. Now Alaska is facing another lease sale and more delays.

So, I agree - Don Young is not serious about ANWR in this statement, he is just trying to ride Palin's popularity.