Friday, July 3, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 3 - Chapter 2 -- First Thoughts on The Resignation Announcement

At a news conference, held in front of the windows in her home that look exactly like some of the windows in the Wasilla Sports Complex (Palin's most dubious achievement as Wasilla mayor), Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced she will be resigning her duties in two weeks. Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, the man who put the "lack" in "lackluster," will assume her duties at that time.

The resignation comes as Palin is unsuccessfully attempting to deal with many issues in Alaska, and as her popularity among the bulk of Alaskans plummets.

Strangely proclaiming that she knows "when to pass the ball for victory," she stated in the conference that she will hand over the reins at the conclusion of the Alaska Governor's Picnic, later this month.

Palin, in her comments made allusion to recent caricatures of her with her youngest child, Trig, whose face has been photoshopped out of pictures in a variety of ways, first by Alaska bloggers, then covered extensively by Wonkette and other humor sites.

Watching Palin give her conference, between her house and Todd's Piper Cub, she seems to be on the verge of facade crackup.

Although speculation about possible investigations into aspect of her conduct, both as Alaska Governor, and in her earlier job as Wasilla Mayor, has been rampant, there is no hard data to indicate that any of the rumored investigations into Palin or the Palins will come to a conclusion soon.

Most recently, she has seen a crash in fundraising efforts. Last week, the Palin shrine, Conservatives4Palin, concluded a weeklong effort to raise $500,000 for Palin's legal bils, having reached only 21% of their goal. Wednesday, the state began releasing figures that indicated the majority of expenses borne by the state, involving so-called "ethics complaints' involving Palin, have resulted from a complaint Palin had filed against herself, and from complaints that resulted in negotiated settlements adverse to the governor's claim that she is a crusader for ethics reform.

Her legal bills are approaching 2/3 of a million dollars. Much, if not almost all, of her legal bills stem from her own conduct as governor, and over issues having to do what her daughter's son's father is strongly suspected of holding over the family.

Yesterday, a new records request was filed by one of Alaska's most activist bloggers, Linda Kellen Biegel.

With the web publication of the August issue of Vanity Fair's long article about Palin, and the high level of infighting among GOP figures and people involved in the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign about aspects of that article, Palin, for the fourth week in a row, was insinuated into the news in a garish way unprecedented in American politics.

Outside of Alaska, once a week for the past month, she made headlines that couldn't have helped anyone's long-term prospects:

1) She went back and forth with the GOP on whether or not she would speak or even attend the summer's major fundraiser for GOP legislators.

2) She picked a fight with David Letternman. Only far right groups like the Tea Party and her most devoted advocates believe Palin won that fight.

3) The thorough portrait of Palin in Todd Purdam's Vanity Fair article seemed to be ushering in a review of the piles and piles of material that came out on Palin last year, during the fall presidential campaign.

Inside of Alaska, though, these past two weeks have had the potential of a looming disaster for her.

Resentment against her policies by Alaska Natives has been simmering just below a boil all winter and spring. This past week, the resentment boiled over into open civil disobedience, as villagers along the Yukon not only fished in closed waters to obtain food for winter, they defied Palin's law enforcement agencies openly. In the village of Marshall, police officers joined in the illegal subsistence fishing, not even bothering to hide their involvement.

I've caught her in at least four major lies during the past six or seven days.

What we are seeing here is either a preface to some indictment, or the final chapter in the career of what has been the biggest political joke of the 21st century. She is so obviously a combination of extreme narcissism and even more extremely bad advice by really, really pathetically bad advisors.

Watching the family scene at her house on the raw video running on CNN right now, it is obvious that little knowledge about this was shared ahead of time, no matter what Palin said in the conference itself.

Andrea Mitchell is now being reported as claiming Palin has told some close to her that she is through with politics.

No matter where this goes next, as a Democrat, I am very excited that we can use her eclipse to leverage enough excitement in 2010 to take over our state legislature. Whether we can also regain the governor's office or finally unseat Don Young depends on how good the candidates we put into those races are.

Our Alaska bloggers, so generously covered by Eric Boehlert in Bloggers on the Bus, feel like setting off our fireworks today!

I might even go out and buy a $100 bottle of wine to share with Judy. Any suggestions?


Aussie Blue Sky said...

I suggest 2 x $50 bottles of wine. Cheers! :)

WarrenG said...

" in her home that look exactly like some of the windows in the Wasilla Sports Complex..." Maybe this is the shoe that I've been waiting to see drop. It would tickle me no end.

Anonymous said...

Phillip, THANKS for your leadership and activism. .

Anonymous said...

Can you find a Chateau Petrus in Anchorage?

Dennis Zaki said...

Let's have a party on Palin's last day in office July 25th! There will be plenty to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Phil...your post was an absolutely fabulous wrap up of the many reasons why Palin was at the resignation podium today. Keep up the good work. I'm certain that there are plenty of reasons that have not yet surfaced and will eventually come out.

Great news for Alaska and our country today.

GinaM said...

Here is mudflats old link

Kat said...

Shannyn just had a good interview with David Schuster on Hardball. When asked about Legis being hard on Sarah, she put that to rest, saying they hadn't done any follow up re Troopergates investigation finding abuse of power & that they generally tried to work with her. Asked about the ethics complaints, she said it might have more to do with rumors of criminal investigations coming soon. Schuster said "So there might be another shoe that may drop?" Yup!

Shannyn also mentioned how nervous Sarah was - more than she'd ever seen. Likened it to excessive Red Bull. I liken it to being on speed but Shanny is more discreet than I am. LOL!

Please, may that other shoe drop soon! It's even more important that everything come out now.

Hooray for Alaska! Thanks to all of you!!

PS - my wv was dergal. Dergal Palin didn't do so good today.

Jocelyn said...

Silver Oak

Anonymous said...

Love how you mention the windows! Exc post.

I def think something pushed her into this. She was not her confident, perky self up there.

OMG - some guy on CNN just mentioned the peculiarities of her pregnancy being overlooked by Republican powers that be - haha!

Anonymous said...

BTW: I suggest you Alaskan bloggers blow it out with a case of Veuve Clicquot - Cheers, all!

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Will Sean Parnell's first job be to pardon a particular turkey?

justafarmer said...

yay, Dennis! That's a great idea!

mlaiuppa said...

The Stapled Tongue has responded, using some of Palin's talking points.

Do you think she doesn't know she'll be unemployed soon?

Star the wonder pup said...

spend twenty five bucks on the best australian zin in the store

Anonymous said...

Advice to the Barracuda: Winners NEVER quit and Quitters NEVER win!
She's cooked - put a fork in her political career. National laughing stock would be a much more apropos moniker for her at this point.

I'm sure most of Alaska is celebrating tonight that this sad, pathetic "loser" will no longer be their spokesperson.

Maybe now the Legislature of Alaska can finally get something accomplished!

No loss to Alaska!

basheert said...

OK, here's the deal....

I will bring the Vueve Clicquot if you guys will bring the cheese, crackers, and a veggie tray.

Also, perhaps someone could pick up some big loud noisy happy Fireworks!???

Party at Phils???

Anonymous said...

WarrenG: You know it is. The materials used on the overpriced sports complex walked themselves down the street to the Palin home. Any surprise there?

There are so many ethical/criminal deeds this family has engaged in that it might be several criminal investigations coming her way.

General consensus in Alaska is that the free house has something to do with criminal wrongdoing. Besides, Ted Stevens, her guru for years had the very same corrupt builder for his "renovation" for which he was indicted. The only reason it was overturned was NOT because he did nothing wrong. It was procedural error on the part of the prosecution. Everyone knows that.

Spenard Building Supply - Ted Stevens notorious "renovation" and the Palin's total house where the press conference was held.

This might, indeed, become "Sarah's Last Stand" - standing in front of her criminal deeds and resigning.

Anonymous said...

Let's all organize Palin Parties for July 25th. Ding dong the witch is gone.

Teabaggers thinks their little tea parties are fun; just wait.

July 25th will become Alaska's new "independence day" - independence from an incompetent, lying, deceitful do-nothing governor.

Anonymous said...

She babbled like a neurotic mess and meandered all over the place.

I've never seen a person who speaks for over ten minutes and you walk away not knowing what the hell they were trying to say.

This woman is looking pretty schizophrenic at this point. She was nervous as a coot and the quacking cuckoo bird wading in the background was the "perfect backdrop"...hell yeah!

Two Cuckoos in a row - one at the podium and one in the lake.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the hard work fighting the good fight for Alaska and Alaskans! You rock!

Try a Justin Vineyards Isoceles. yum. Or a few bottles of Wild Horse Pinot Noir. Delicious.

Cheers from an Alaskan in Calgary!


Anonymous said...

Dennis, lol, I agree with that party thing on the last day!

I have to wonder if she doesn't see the writing on the wall, the Native thing is gonna be sad and not good publicity for her, and her dang braggin rights about the friggin gas line are all hot air until a long time down the road.

I think she's been convinced to bail on AK, yet in her pea brain she still thinks "she" has the "godly" answers.

I see this as a very nice vacation from the demands of AK gov and the fact she is able to make as much money as she can cashing in, thanks to the state of AK voting her in and McCain bringing her to the public forefront.

She's the winner here, she leaves with all sorts of choices.

Passing the ball, lol, she's bailing on AK in my opinion.

Remember that AK if she comes out later to run for prez.

Anonymous said...

Phil: Keep the info flowing. Great job covering all of this!

Anonymous said...

Palin's "iceberg scandal" - indictments coming soon? Uh-oh this is all damage control ahead of criminal embezzlement indictments regarding the Wasilla Sports complex and her free home.

Bye, bye sarah! Ask for the red jumpsuits as the color becomes you!

Here's the bradblog link to this breaking story: stay tuned, indeed.

sauerkraut said...

You done good, Phil. If you lived nearby, I'd buy a nice bottle for you.

Anonymous said...

Cliquot is on sale at the Brown Jug for 41 bucks a bottle.

Double extra bonus if we never have to hear from Meg Stapleton again.

mlaiuppa said...

Eric Holder and the Obama Administration will not commit the same errors resulting in the Steven's loophole.

And Sarah Palin isn't an old senator with decades of terms under her belt. She doesn't have that many friend in D.C. if any.

If the Feds are going to indict her and Todd for embezzling materials, supplies and free labor from the Wasilla Sports Complex, it's gonna stick.

Good think Bristol is over 18 now and can be guardian to the kids. Where they live and what they live on will be interesting.

Palin can still finish her book, since the deal was struck before her conviction. She'll have a lot of free time in Prison. No book signings, though.

Anonymous said...

More information on “grassroots” supporters gathering across the nation to support Sarah Palin for President in 2012 can be found online at

Note, the website is in danger of crashing due to the flood of readers and supporters signing up to show their interest in a Palin Candidacy. The GOP establishment had better watch out, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul combined with the power of the internet will remove the stranglehold of GOP special interests and the elites who have brought the party to its knees in defeat in the 2008 elections.

Anonymous said...

@6:56 Anon, Ron Paul is too smart to have anything to do with Sarah Palin at this point.

And a third party won't stand a chance, esp. when one candidate on the ticket is in prison.

AKPetMom said...

I posted earlier on Immoral that the birds in the background making so much noise are actually "Red Necked Grebes". A fitting send off for our fair Gov. They are very common around these parts and can be found on most lakes. They are very noisy and put up quite a fuss when anyone approaches them, especially when they are with young.


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I woke up this morning...a nice day for a iceberg..
then I saw Phils comment on his blog:
The shit is going to start coming down on her so hard, so fast, so soon.
then palin going to make comment, and resigns! WooHoo! For Alaskan's!
Now hearing "iceberg" is housegate...
I am shocked becuase it ended so soon! MSNBC is saying her political career is ruined, well yeah especially with jail! What color are those jump suits in Alaska? And hey the new Jail right by Wasilla :)

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!

HarpboyAK said...

Phil, you can't go wrong with an old Clos du Bois Cabernet from the late 90s, and it should be under $100.00.

That, and a big fresh garden salad with big flakes of smoked Copper River Sockeye, would be a good start for the weekend...

All summer, every time I've done a taxi tour of Juneau, passengers have insisted that the House Where Sarah Doesn't Live be one of the stops. Maybe *that* nonsense will finally fade away.

Now Juneauites are wondering whether Parnell will actually live in Juneau, where the job is supposedly located.

Anonymous said...

Millions of $$$ in book deals, $$$ for publicity tours, $$$ for political rallies in '010 for hate mongering, vindictive Repugs everywhere, and being the most 'in your face' human on the planet...WE can only hope that she really does find Jesus, or we will be plagued with Palin-anity forever.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Mitchell is now being reported as claiming Palin has told some close to her that she is through with politics.

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