Monday, July 20, 2009

Palin's Supporters Hate Obama Almost as Much as These Folks

Honorary Alaska blogger, Max Blumenthal, was named by Allison Hoffman "the YouTube Michael Moore" the other day, at the blog Tablet. Max is back in Israel, doing, among other things, a followup to his video, "Feeling the Hate," which showed so much hatred toward President Obama by young Israelis and by young Americans visiting Israel, that it was pulled from YouTube and Huffington Post, for unexplained reasons.

While much of the world likes President Obama far, far more than they did his predecessor, the nutty right in the USA and many Israelis hate him to a frightening extent. Liberal American Jews, who voted for Obama and continue to support him, should realize how quickly the hatred and racism toward our president is spreading in the Jewish State:

In spite of his Israeli expansionist detractors from the left and the right, Max is quickly growing into one of the more important young journalists in the USA.

Max discusses aspects of what he has learned
from increasing pressure at his blog. Here's a screen shot of one of the many thousands of hate emails he's gotten recently. Hopefully, it should help assauge some of our Alaska bloggers who have been targeted recently by hate email, op-eds (removed, like Max's video, and with no explanation offered) and other crap:
Speaking of President Obama, here's a link to an audio conference he had today with progressive bloggers, on health care reform.


House of Brat said...

Gee, I guess we should just stop giving Israel military aid.

If they're going to whine about not having a US president wrapped around their finger, then perhaps they should reconsider their insecurity causing them to make such asinine remarks.

Actually, we still should stop giving Israel so much military aid.

teal said...

should think about it anyways...attach some real strings to the money...

Anonymous said...

So you have some people saying F Obama. That is to be expected when you interview young people at a bar...I am sure if he had done the same thing in a liberal strong hold they would have said F Bush. Actually, I have seen it alot on HP.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 10:57 - what is your point?

These people were not "drunk," they were expressing their sincere views about our president, IMHO.

majii said...

Yes, it is quite obvious that they do not like the president. This can be traced directly to Palin and McCain's endorsement of this type of behavior during the presidential campaign. McCain could have done more than he did to head it off, but chose not to. He and Palin wanted to win at any cost. I remember when Representative John Lewis told them that they needed to be careful about the language they used to describe candidate Obama. He said that they did not know what fruit their actions would bear, and that one does not have to pull the trigger oneself to cause damage. I remember how "outraged" McCain wanted to appear, demanding an apology from Rep. Lewis, which he never received. Rep. Lewis was speaking from experience. What Rep. Lewis said has come true. One only has to turn on the TV or radio, or log onto the internet to see the blatant racism being directed toward the POTUS. I'm over 50 years old, and have seen presidents in office since Eisenhower, but I've never seen an America such as the one we live in today where it is okay to overtly display such animus toward the POTUS.

Casey said...

Anonymous...your comment was inane. There is a dangerous thing happening in the US and in Israel is would appear. That same vulgar hate filled poster would vote for Sarah Palin. Yeah...then the world would be a much better place.

I am truly afraid for the life of President Obama. I see him trying very hard in very difficult circumstances. I want him to get angry....I want him to show the absolute strength that he has.

I will say this....should something befall this president that is man made....the United States would be in much more turmoil than it is now. You will go back to brothers fighting brothers...if it isnt already happening to some degree right now.

As far as Israel is concerned. I believe in their right to a state, but I also believe the Palestinians have rights too. Does that mean I should die? Some people in Israel are angry, because they know that Obama is not, nor will be in 'their pocket". Its about damn time someone took that stand.

Max Blumenthal is one of my heroes.


Anonymous said...

Oh please Phil...get a grip. Have you not seen people posting F Bush, F Palin? You have to be blind to think not. You are not so sheltered.

There is hate on both sides. I am not condemning either, just saying don't be so high and mighty to think it is only on the right.
Did you see the effigy of Palin in a noose, or read the Playboy article focusing on Conservative Women the author wanted to Hate-F (or something like that). Please...don't act as if your 'side' doesn't participate.

Anonymous said...

I would love for Max to go into Gaza and see what they have to say...better yet, watch this video

More hate from around the world and at home:

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Well, Gustav, at least you came up with some off the wall email to Blumenthall containing threats.
Probably written by one of your buddies trying to connect it to the Jews that can't stand your Jew hating rear-end.
Blame a Jew. Typical Third Reich mentality.
I have to give you credit though...
That is more than you did when you "supposedly" received the same over that goofy cantata you wrote.
Remember that one Gust? All that BS about hate emails you never produced. I don't remember anyone seeing them because I believe you claimed to have deleted them.
Yep! Those pretend emails of hate. In your dreams, Gusty, in your dreams.
You didn't have any emails and you know it!
You go to hell for lying dinchaknow?