Friday, July 10, 2009

Saradise Lost & Found - Chapter Two - Bob Poe on Eddie Burke Today

Alaska gubernatorial candidate, Democrat Bob Poe, will be on KBYR's Eddie Burke program today, between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m.

Bob is going to challenge Eddie to move into the Post-Palin world.

Sounds like a good enough idea to me.

Meanwhile, a number of articles are coming out that look at various aspects of the role of Alaska bloggers in getting information out to the world about one particular Alaskan. My favorite so far, is the interview published today by Forbes Magazine, with Alaska's most meteoric and talented liberal independent commentator, Shannyn Moore, who also has a program on KBYR (Saturdays from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.) Here's an excerpt:

You've said that Alaskan politics changed after Gov. Palin returned from running for vice president. How so?

Before Palin began her national campaign, she worked constructively with progressives and Democrats. Right-wing radio commentators called Palin a Socialist for doing that. There were issues that even I supported her on. But this past session, there's such bad blood that they couldn't even pass a law banning bestiality.

You've got to be kidding.

No. There was a sex offender out on parole luring dogs into the woods with hamburger. They could only charge him with a parole violation because bestiality is not illegal in Alaska, and legislators argued over a law that would change this. I called it the Ididadog Bill. That's how gridlocked government became after Sarah came back.

You've said that Gov. Palin has not been well-served by her staff. Can you elaborate?

When Palin gave a press conference at a turkey farm around Thanksgiving,
a turkey was gruesomely slaughtered in the background, on camera, as she trailed on. You have to wonder whether she's being well-advised. I know the cameraman who shot that footage. He told me her press secretary and staff were there watching and did nothing. We call it Gobblegate.

Read the entire interview


Anonymous said...

A Devastating Critique of Meg Stapletongue:

"Chatterbox: Sarah Palin's Worst Enemy."

(It's Not Who You Think.)

Anonymous said...

At least you've stopped referring to her as a journalist, that's a start.

Rumor Monger fits, don't ya think ?

I understand more evidence involving the holiday season fire at her church has been uncovered recently. also.

I wonder if Edward Teller is getting this from his souce who is"sometimes connected with CNN" ?

Kevin said...

Anon at 1:42:

(a)Shannyn Moore is a blogger and commentator.
(b)Plenty of "journalists" report rumors -- and say they are rumors -- when the rumors appear credible and the facts to confirm or deny them are unavailable.
(c) If Governor Palin had a reputation for openness and truthfulness, instead of the opposite, many fewer rumors would be repeated and many fewer people would be interested in listening to them.

Anonymous said...

The rumormongering bloggers and commentators have been obsessing about Palin for months. Every little thing is a huge scandal and so far the only thing they have come up with is that her kids did some travel on the state's dime. Let's count up a little of Pelosi's waste of our resources and make a comparison. HMMMM?

The reason I'm starting to get warm fuzzies about Palin when all I had before were cold turkeys is that she is a walking middle finger to the creepy left. I stole part of that line from a recent article in Time about her. I thought it was a good one.

Philip Munger said...

She's still a walking middle finger to the left - the left hemisphere of the brain, that is.

I'm satisfied that she is moving on.

As little regard as I have for Sean Parnell, he strikes me as fairly honest.

That will be a major change.

Bob Poe was fairly impressive on the Eddie Burke show. Eddie didn't want to "move on," nor did many of his listeners. They seem to still be as obsessed with Palin as some of the recent hostile commenters here claim my colleagues and I are.

Anonymous said...

I like that critique on Stapleton. I'd call her Stapletongue but I am about to discuss her cattiness.

I was perturbed by her cattiness in responding to Levi's comments with the fiction/acting comment. That she let Palin make the comments after Celtic Diva's complaint had me really questioning whose side she was on.

I propose that Meg Stapleton in a Democratic operative. (This is a hunch and only a hunch based on her sour lemon face and actions.)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous July 10, 2009 5:41 PM

"I stole part of that line from a recent article in Time about her."
Of course you did. Originality is not the hallmark of those who have the "warm fuzzies about Palin."

As to Palin being a "walking middle finger"....that explains her lack of intellect. I've yet to see any evidence that the cerebral hemispheres are located in the middle finger.

BTW...Way to go Shannyn! Keep up the great work. You, too, Phil!

Julie said...

Saradise Lost & Found - Chapter Two - Bob Poe on Eddie Burke Today

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