Monday, July 20, 2009

This is Getting Beyond Pathetic - It is Creepy

This is Moderate Republican U.S. House Representative Mike Castle (Delaware), filmed at a town hall meeting in his home district, earlier in July:

More and more events for GOP congressmen and congresswomen down below are getting like this. As my friend, Blue Texan observed today at firedoglake, "Reminds you of a McCain-Palin campaign event, doesn't it?"

David Weigel wrote about the incident today in the Washington Independent:

"So here’s one of the least conservative members of the House GOP conference, in a state that gave the Obama-Biden ticket 62 percent of the vote, and he has to deal with the angry howling of birthers."

This is the kind of crowd that will be greeting Palin with blind, rapturous adulation a few weeks from now.

Speaking of the junction of the pathetic and the creepy, soon-to-be-ex Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's twitter responses (so far - Palin may just be getting started) to Andree McLeod's latest request for clarification of portions of the Alaska Executive Ethics Act,
strike me as more mean than usual:

in violation of Ethics Act more allegations were filed today by serial complainer;gave to press be4 we could respond;ridiculous, wasteful...

followed seven minutes later by:

Some ask why not sue abusers of Ethics Act bc state wastes 1000's hrs/millions of tax dollars to fight (and win!) frivolous charges, tho....

followed another seven minutes later by:

it costs political critics NOTHING to file/play their wasteful game;They should debate policy in political arena,not hide w/process abuse...

followed four minutes later by:

BUT if there was a suit to end public waste of time/funds to constantly address false allegations I could see perhaps a veteran filing it...

followed eight minutes later by:

someone who's put their life on the line protecting even opponents' right to speak & protest, was willing to die for freedom of press but...

followed 19 minutes later by:

knows it's shameful 4 valuable time& public resources to be diverted frm needed causes to deal w/this abuse of govt accountability system...

followed two minutes later by:

Hopefully these political critics filing this stuff (& some in press perpetuating it) appreciate the freedom to do so, protected by our vets

OK. I've already come to the conclusion that Palin is delusional in some areas, and her projection of so many imaginary things into this series of tweets is creepily pathetic.

The Mudflats community is discussing it, along with McLeod's clarification requests themselves. I find Andree's requests on this subject to be compelling. Palin certainly does appear to be in clear violation of the rules regarding "gifts."


BodieP said...

So what we REALLY need is to hunt down a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, preferably one with an obvious physical injury (none of that Post-traumatic Stress stuff), preferably incurred in a battle in which hundreds of the Enemy were slain and a golden-haired American child saved and somehow coerce this paragon into filing a suit against a woman who just seems to believe that governors should have to abide by the law? Hmmm. Nope. Don't see it.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Poor old Sarah just doesn't get twitter, does she? It's not supposed to take 50 minutes and 7 tweets to say one thing.

She needs her meds upped. And she needs to leave the military alone - they didn't laugh at her "joke" because they aren't interested in losers.

Virginia Voter said...

I am seriously thinking she is bordering on paranoid schizophrenia

HistoryGoddess said...

Watched the birther video on Rachel. I was sick to my stomach. How can people have so much hate? It will make them sick and drive them crazy. Sadly, we see signs of that in Palin. No other governor or congressperson does this crap. Surely she knows, reads or hears about the mocking? It is as if she can't stop herself.

Now, I am liking the hearty laughter that goes along with most things Palin, but I am finding it harder to laugh if there is indeed mental stability in question. She has moved beyond whacky. Even beyond Michele Bachman. Flitting into Glen Beck territory goes $arah.
This can't be good.

ella said...

Todd and Bristol are adults in that house; Can't they try to get her some help? I am not joking, Scarah is losing it big time tonight. And Andree needs a Tank clone for protection - sea of pee idiots are now threating violence.

Anonymous said...

Why does no one in the Palin family care about Sarah Palin's obvious need for mental health care?

lynnrockets said...

All I can say about that video is...


Wolfe Tone said...

I'm starting to think that maybe you're right.
Palin is getting so bizarrely delusional that any rational person must question her sanity.

Michelle said...

Phil - thanks for the timing breakdown of the tweets. It's just amazing.

onejrkitty said...

Palin WILL become violent if pushed far enough.

Cannot quite put my finger on it, but her mention of a vet filing a lawsuit against McLeod and then Palin remarking about the vet's willingness to die is not just creepy, this is a narcissist pushed to the wall.

She is not out and out saying anything ---DOES SHE EVER :) ---but I feel her stream of consciousness, which is what flows through her tweets, is swirling around the thoughts of doing harm to Andee like water swirls around the drain in the tub.

Not trying to be dramatic here, not alarmist, but narcissist, when pushed enough, get violent.

There is no way to NOT push Palin except to agree with her all the time, and never ever oppose her, either in reality or just in her own paranoia.

Palin is going to get worse. I don't think Andee with be who is hurt. I think Palin will lash out at someone closer, easier to get to and either a close family member or a stranger i.e. like setting fire to a church with people inside. Sorry, but I still think that was a cry for attention after losing the VP raise.

Narcissist don't do well when publically humilated.

teal said...

...WTF...they want their country back....welll darn, when was it taken...are we gonna go back to Columbus?


EyeOnYou said...

That video is a prime example of the type of people that are attracted to Palin. She inspires that sort of hate and venom in people and it is quite disturbing. Look at those fans who willingly state they would die for her, or feel closer to her due to one thing or another that she does. This is not simply people feeling strongly about a political candidate, this is truly adoration of a person and it is beyond normal behavior.

They refuse to accept that she is capable of doing anything wrong, or making a bad choice.

Their answer...decide that the people who file these ethics clarifications are out to destroy Palin both politicly and financially, and they either resort to feelings of violence and hate, or decisions that the way to combat this is to donate more money to Palin.

Palin herself has gotten caught up in this where she now believes the hype they push about her. She is always right in her mind. This is all just a plot to ruin her, and she is losing her mind over this.

She has said that once she leaves office "less politicly correct" tweets will fly from her fingers, so I am wondering what they heck could she be thinking of tweeting? More hate? Foul language? Venom at specific people?

She is dangerous both to herself and to others, but lest we forget her supporters are just as dangerous as she is, if not more so.

Philip Munger said...


I wonder if Andree's request for clarification of ethics statutes came through right as Palin was having to deal with the "gifts" to which the requests were addressed. That might explain the way Palin kept on tweeting. Easier to tweet than to look into all those boxes and envelopes, eh?

EyeOnYou said...


I don't think that she has been looking through those boxes of mail and gifts. I think she has deliberately left that aside until after she leaves office thinking that once she is out of office she doesn't have to report anything she might get.

We certainly have no way of knowing what she has gotten, and since we have only her word on what she says she has reported as recieved to date, I'd be willing to bet that she has left anything worthwile she has come across off the reporting list.

I think she is furious about this because she was so close to being out of office she thought she was going to get away with no one mentioning this. She has already made the claim publicly to the APOC that she does't consider anything "received" until she opens it. Well based on that thought process, she can wait until next year to open things and then claim she received it then, instead of when it was actually delivered to her.

Philip Munger said...


Which is why Andree felt compelled to request the clarification announced today.

I am so frustrated that the the ADN continues to try to help propel the narrative that requests such as Andree's are frivolous, when they are basic.

EyeOnYou said...

The ADN has proven that they are not objective reporters of the news any longer, rather they are simply Palin fans who will willingly lean in her favor over being objective, honest and fair.

Time and again they have allow positive stories on Palin to stay front page while important stories are relegated to archives quickly.

The Medicaid/Medicare freeze issue with the Health Department was off the front page within a days time, yet the SarahPAC fundraising story was set up in at least two places and left on the front page for days.

I have lost all confidence in them, and it saddens me to see newspapers go downhill like they have, but when they cater to a certain viewpoint nearly exclusively, and allow Palin supporters to dictate their viewpoint and agenda, then they deserve to fold and lose circulation.

I have no respect for them any longer.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that a (for now) sitting governor can, again and again, betray such fundamental and shocking ignorance not only of the Constitution but of the basics of the legal system and procedures in the state she "governs." She wants to solicit a vet to bring a SLAPP suit now? This woman is preposterous.

And Sarah, two free words of legal advice if you think you have standing to sue anyone: reciprocal discovery. In any lawsuit involving your activities, you will be subject to discovery and you will be put under oath.

Finally, packages of booty can be tracked by appropriate authorities by weight, place of origin, and destination through the delivery services themselves, whether the USPS (note the nifty computerized receipts you get next time you mail a package) or a private carrier. So much the better if packages were insured for certain values.

Anonymous said...

I am the daughter of a man born in Nebraska, usa, at home. He did not ever have a birth certificate issued. No doctor was on duty, no hospital adminstrator. When he needed a passport, he had to have an aunt sign and swear that he had been born at home. He never had a birth cert.

Geesh. I'm GOP, and these folks embarrass me.

Casey said...

Anon@9:17..thank you. You need not be embarrassed though. We know that most GOP's do not feel the hate that those in the video do.