Sunday, July 12, 2009

PA Lists Two New Alaska Progressive Blogs

Progressive Alaska is adding two Alaskan progressive blogs to the blogroll at the right side of the page:

Alaskan Minority Report:

My blog title is taken from the movie Minority Report. The film is based on a short story written by Philip K Dick, a well known and revered science fiction author. The story revolves around how a witness's perception of a crime can be limited by their perspective. If the witness's perspective is flawed, justice and truth are no longer served. The majority of witnesses may share a flawed perspective while a single individual may be the only one that sees the event in its entirety. This is called the Minority Report. It is often overlooked or dismissed because the majority rules. I found this a fitting name for my blog. My aim is to provide the Minority Report.

OMFGAlaska: This blog's latest entry, You CAN'T Make This Shit Up..., from yesterday, looks at the possible ties between one of son-to-be-ex Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's recent judicial appointments, Gregory L. Heath, and the elusive Pastor Thomas Muthee.

Welcome to PA, folks!


Lazarhat said...

Thank you, Phil. Glad to be aboard and listed here and at Shannyn's blog as well. IMO it's about the "progressive" not about a "D" or "R" or "?" (Sarah's future third party which I predicted the day after she quit) in front of your name. I appreciate your and Shannyn's recognition of my spot within the full spectrum of progressive Alaskan bloggers.

I think the explanation of what my blog title and contents are about should be rather obvious. As to my positions on issues, the blog speaks for itself. Please feel free to drop by any time.

I also enjoyed your comments on the Method show yesterday, by the way... thanks again!


Philip Munger said...

Thanks, Lazarhat!

I've asked a very few serving military about torture, and all answered similarly to Mike. If our serving military and reserve officers feel that it IS torture and should be prosecuted, why are our politicians so fucking spineless?

Blue_in_AK said...

Lazar, I've enjoyed your posts at Celtic Diva and elsewhere. I'll be checking your blog daily with my other favorites.

trish in SW FL said...

Lazar, I have been peeking in at your blog, and already added you to my list of favs!

Keep up the good fight!

Lazarhat said...

Thanks everyone!