Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saradise Lost & Found - Chapter Seven -- Exit and Entrance...?

Today, do we go from this:
To this? (Rupert Murdoch's jet in Juneau):


Anonymous said...

Looks like Murdoch leases his jet:

299 S MAIN ST MAC U1228-120

Anonymous said...

Media elites and elites need America's underclass to follow Palin's simplistic and uninformed message of lower taxes and mass privatization so the majority of voters are delude into voting against their own interest as serfs

its Reagan with tits, now on FOX NEWS

Anonymous said...

Supply siders love this bitch too bad she raised taxes on Big OIL she will try tosquirm out of that past on the national stage

Aussie Blue Sky said...

I wouldn't be buying stocks in her PR firm just yet. The MSM might be willing to admit a lot sooner than anyone thinks that she has zero to offer - even as a headline.

Anonymous said...

Forget Reagan, Palin's presidential soulmate and role model is Nixon. Both criminals and run out of town on a rail. She's Tricky Dick with lipstick and a miniskirt.

Anonymous said...

I hope she stays in the spotlight for no other reason than the fact that she seems to drive the creepy left absolutely nuts.

I wasn't to crazy about her as gov but I'm starting to like her more and more now.

Every time I see her headlined I just have to grin...It makes the left crazy.

Anonymous said...

The 'crazy left' as you castigate above is merely incredulous that such a total lightweight in all respects (intellect, experience, basic articulation skills) has the sheer audacity to not only accept the nomination for Veep of the US (treason on the part of McSilly and the GOPathetic Base) but that she actually believes that she has the skills to accomplish ANY job on the national stage.

Once a quitter; always a quitter. Imagine where this country would be right now with senile McPappy in a narcoleptic stupor and Quittin' Palin running the show??

It's a nightmare too hideous to even fantasize about.

Anonymous said...

This is 'emancipation day' for Alaska and the lower 48 are rejoicing vicariously for you!

Ding dong the witch is gone.....we down here can only imagine what a relief it is to have this ethically-challenged governor no longer responsible for your future.

Hoorah for Alaska that she found it so impossible to handle the job of governing that she had to quit.

Hoorah, indeed!! The human punchline will no longer be making Alaskans embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheshire Cat @9:44. You misread us, and you must not understand how blogs work.

Palin did not drive me crazy at all. In fact, she made me feel like I am a genius because I am so much smarter than she is. Palin made me feel good about the moral way I've lived my life, and how few people I have hurt. Palin made me realize that by staying in one job for 20 years, I had accomplished more than Palin could ever accomplish because she's 45 now, and she'll never be in one job for 20 years.

In fact, I have to thank the GOP because if anything, their cynical pick of Palin brought my faith in American BACK because America rejected her so strongly. So Cheshire, if you think posting about someone on blogs is a sign of "crazy," think again. The Internet thrives on schadenfreude and snark; snark is the new wit, online anyway. (See Wonkette)

I have enjoyed comparing Palin to my own life, my family, and my friends and even my current GOP governor; the RNC gave me a HUGE sense of accomplishment by showing me she is the best they have to offer--and it's pathetic! If I ever needed a sign that the current GOP has nothing to offer me, well, Palin was the sign. So thanks, Sarah Palin. You were the end of the GOP by my lights.

basheert said...

anon@5:51am: I think that if she had been elected, John McInsane would be lying 6 feet under, taking his last dirt nap.

I agree with anon@7:54am: She makes all of us proud to not be a member of the GOP. If this crop of GOPers is the best they can offer, they are truly out of office for the next 8 cycles.

Between TwinkyWinkWink and the CStreet Band, as well as the hormonally challenged GOP House and Senate who don't seem to be able to keep "it" zipped - this is a great crop sample.

Pathetic what they GOP has become.