Sunday, July 26, 2009

PA Arts Sunday - July 26, 2009 -- My Favorite Palin-Inspired Art

For better or worse, very, very, very, soon-to-be-ex Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has probably inspired more art than any other person in Alaska history. At the Wasilla Water Festival Parade, the day after Palin announced her impending resignation, ex-Alaska Sen. Lyda Green asked me if intend to write music about Palin. I asked her if it should be happy or sad. Lyda answered, "probably both."

Here are my two favorite Palin-inspired works of art. First, synced cocktail-style piano jazz:

And my favorite Zina Saunders Palin caricature:


Anonymous said...

The caricature speaks to me as well. I've found it so incredibly sad that she has fostered so much hatred and vitriol in the US.

So many supporters of hers with hearts full of hate. In the name of being good Christians of course. As if those of us who do not believe in her are somehow less American or less able or willing to show kindness to others. Frankly, I've found the reverse to be true -- I've been much more kind, civil, helpful & supportive of my neighbors than the "Christian" SP supporters in our neighborhood.

Newt, Limbaugh, DeMint, Hannity -- can people get more hateful than those guys? Of course there are Palin, Michele B, and Palin as their female counterparts.

I'm just glad to see the back of her, the end of her tenure as Gov, and can only hope that Alaska can recover from the incredibly inept & detrimental policies of her & her administration. Parnell is going to have a whole lot of mess to clean up.

Oil taxes & oil policy, AGIA, rural issues, health care in AK, high rates of domestic violence, rape & child abuse fostered by her lack of attention to those very real issues in Alaska (highest rates in the nation)... the list goes on. I hope that she goes far far away so that we can put this state back together without her sticking her nose into state business.


Bones AK said...

That caricature comes to my mind every time I see or think about Palin.

Let us hope that Sean will work to do better.

Muffin said...

Bones--Sean won't tick off his base. AND, he won't upset Palin. Sean Parnell is owned by her and he will be silent and be just like her. At least Sarah couldn't STFU.

This could be key in anyone running against Sean in that they will show that the Republicans serve their base and the people whose tails must be kissed within their party while the democratic challenger serves the constituents.

KaJo said...

Anon/SMR said, "Parnell is going to have a whole lot of mess to clean up."

I'll bet the Democrats in Alaska give Parnell a whole helluva lot less trouble than the Republicans in the country are giving President Obama.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I disagree. Our country, our flag, our freedom, our families are all in disarray. So sad, that people can't figure out to love God and love their neighbor. What goes around comes around.
Just look at the states that yielded to all the special interest groups...they are broke and their people are in heavy bondage. Alaska has been able to sail above most of these crises for a reason. Go figure !

Anonymous said...

Palin -- the slayer of liberty and syntax, and poster girl for the new Americans Against Ethics Party. Her soul sista Ann Coulter would be so proud. LOL

Anonymous said...

Alaska has saild above what????

Only someone utterly disconnected from reality could actually believe that.

Wake up & smell the coffee -- Alaska is totally and completely bound to two "special interests": the federal government of the United States of America and Big Oil. Alaska is unable to support itself. Who in their right mind would imagine that this state could have any school funding/road funding/jobs without the funding of both of those entities?

Further, the State of AK is in deep economic doo, spending is thru the roof, deficits avoided only because there is a reserve fund to raid. And believe me, the Gov did some serious raiding. There was no fiscal conservatism under SP's watch. Quite the contrary.

Alaska is in no shape to play hardball with the oil companies or the Fed'l Gov't. Sean P won't have the gonads to come out with the ugly truth regarding the state that Alaska's finances are really in, but the legislators will not have any problem speaking truth to power about all of that now that the diva is gone. And the next governor, the one who inherits the dogawful mess left by SP & SP, will speak out LOUD & CLEAR about what they've been left with.

Only the most die-hard delusional foolish SP supporter will be able to stay on board the Palin Psycho Express after that.


Anonymous said...

If only you'd spent HALF of the energy getting rid of Don Young as you did Sarah Palin....

It's astounding to me, when you stack up REAL ethical and moral lapses, Don Young would beat Sarah Palin by a country mile.

Yet the AK Bloggers are silent, fucking silent on Don Young's transgressions, yet they'll trip over themselves every time Palin has a hair out of place.

What a hell of a way to make a name for oneself.

Casey said...

These bloggers silent on Don Young? Where have you been? Obviously you only started reading these fine blogs to protect your pretty pony...but there has been much spoken for years about Don Young. Perhaps he for all his ethics problems..simply isnt a quitter.

If you want to be taken seriously...go and read archives on all these blogs..and find out about the Corrupt Bastdards Club. Use google...real simple...I am sure you can do it.

AKPetMom said...

Whatever, even if Parnell does a GREAT JOB, we are going to have to get rid of him because he chose to keep all of Palin's appt's in place.

In order to clean house we will have to clean out Parnell as well in 2010 because he chose to go the route of Palin's "business as usual".

He is the one that needed to "stiffen his spine", as Sarah said. He needed to stand up and CLEAN HOUSE OF ALL PALINISTAS if he wanted to insure himself any chance of an actual elected term as Governor of Alaska.

She's still running the state regardless of her resignation because her replacement will not create his own reality. I can't help but think what must have been going thru his mind on a daily basis, what with his actual education and track record, having to play second fiddle to this numnut.

Perhaps he will stand up and clean house and spend the next 18 months being a productive self-thinking and self-driven figure. I however do not think he can do it while so many of Palin's minions are still holding positions of power.

Anonymous said...

Casey - In the last year, It would take not more than one hand to count the number of times an Alaskan blogger has written about Don Young.

Bloggers in Texas or Michigan and even The Marianas have all done a much more thorough job of covering the sins of Don Young and some of his former staffers than ANY of the Alaska bloggers.

It's not even close my friend, and there's so much more out there too, but the AK Bloggers have been too obsessed with the former Governor to even notice.

But keep patting yourselves on the back, you really deserve it.