Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saradise Found - Chapter 13 - John Ziegler on the Vanity Fair Affair (Plus a Glenn Beck Bonus)

Part One:

Part Two:

Bonus with Glenn:

and how else can we "destroy the system," Glenn?


Anonymous said...

This is a must-read feature article in the normally Sarah-friendly Christian Science Monitor.

It highlights the many Alaskans who find themselves betrayed by Palin's self-serving self-absorption. It shows that her problems involve poor governance and are far deeper than discord in factions of the national Republican party.

onejrkitty said...

Please refer to Mudflats article on today's revelation of email infighting during campaign & Todd's having been a member of the AIP. The Vogler speech is quoted.

I responded there and am reprinting here because this is very important point ! ! !


“…She was an AIP member before she got the job as a mayor of a small town…” (From the Vogler speech)

Palin has never acknowledged THAT SHE TOO WAS A MEMBER OF THE AIP!

It was not just that Todd was a member– he was a member FOR SEVEN YEARS–BUT THAT PALIN TOO WAS A MEMBER. She left when she became mayor and don’t forget the part of Vogler’s speech where he states that the way to get a seat at the table, a foot in the door is to INFILTRATE A MAJOR POLITICAL PARTY.

Todd being a member for seven years also makes it harder to believe her lie about checking the wrong box by mistake.

KaJo said...

Ziegler and Beck are two people I CANNOT STAND to see or listen to -- so, would someone summarize what these twits are saying? :)

Actually, I suppose if I go over to News Hounds: We Watch Fox So You Don't Have To, I probably will find a summary there...

Anonymous said...

This statement, that Sarah had been a member of AIP, was long ago retracted. There has never been any evidence, beyond that one comment, that she was a member at any time.
The real issue is Todd being a member, and Sarah giving the welcoming speech at their convention.
I am certain the old Mudflats has the details on the retraction of this claim of AIP membership for Sarah....
Rob in Ca

Philip Munger said...

Palin attended a lot of AIP-related stuff, either in the late 80s or early 90s, either with Todd, or with other AIP fringies, but she's never been registered as a member.

Remember that in 1990, Alaska elected a Governor - Wally Hickel - who was on the AIP "rent-a-ticket."

teal said...

..panty hose!

sweaty legs do not reflect light, the color is so off from the natural color of her face & arms....but who wants pale legs featured in a national mag? pale arms, face, neck, thats OK...but not my legs! Quick! get me my Leggs Pantyhose...

Oh yeah! Like I have TWO blkBerr so I can anaswer email, phone call, read the latest from all those nasty bloggers - who hate me - while I make my midnight jog.

I DO NOT GET THE POINT OF THIS PICTUER...What was she TRYING to say/not say???

I give up.....

EyeOnYou said...

I think that the Key to the AIP stuff is not only was Todd a member for 7 years, but she has connections with them as well.

I also believe that the denial of her being a member might be skirting the true issue. Maybe she wasn't a member via registration, but in every other aspect she was.

I also believe that the AIP would and will say what they have to in order to ensure that Palin looks good to others simply because if she does embrace what they believe, then it would be to their benefit (as well as hers) to downplay her and Todd's relationship since they are well aware they are considered a "fringe" group.

It wouldn't do them any good to lose a potential supporter aiming for higher office by continuing to claim she was "one of them" if they know that it would hurt her chances of obtaining that "higher office".

Philip Munger said...


Palin figured that out soon after Wally Hickel distanced himself from AIP, after he had "rented" them to become AK Guv in 90.

More to come on the AIP stuff, BTW. Not the recycled stuff we're going through today.

New. not an iceberg, just 3-ring binders full of John Birch bulletins.

Jackie said...

What the heck happened to that iceberg anyway? Logically my brain tells me she could never become president. But then I couldn't believe it when Bush got that 2nd term either. So I'm really looking forward to no more Sarah & I think it's gonna take a really big iceberg cuz she has way too many people following her who just don't see the lies.

EyeOnYou said...

Looking forward to the 3 ring binder of stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Saradise Found - Chapter 13 - John Ziegler on the Vanity Fair Affair (Plus a Glenn Beck Bonus)...

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