Friday, July 3, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 3 - Chapter 3 -- Palin Talks About Leaving Office with John Ziegler


Anonymous said...

Can't listen--still protecting my psyche from both of them. Someone tell me if it's enlightening in any way. Thanks!

Aussie Blue Sky said...

"Dangerous attacks" by "terrorists"? Dude needs to change hands.

onejrkitty said...

Do NOT understimate her. She is a narcissist of the first class and therefore a master manipulator and con artist.

We are not through with Palin.

Possible example: IF she is indicted for any kind of criminal activity, has she provided for this by making a DEAL WITH PARNELL TO PARDON HER?

This is NOT an unlikely scenario.

Palin has something in mind. She is NOT going without covering herself in some way.

We have NOT heard the last of her.

She may be out of office, but she is not "gone" and won't be even if she "travels the lower 48 spreading her gospel."

Remember she is a con artist and manipulator.

There is another shoe ( likely more ) to drop ! !

Anonymous said...

All I can say for the people of Alaska is good riddance to bad rubbish.

The birds cuckoo'ing on the lake behind her told the entire tale.

Two Cuckoos flapping their jaws off.

Her "swan song" was one pathetic rambling bunch of nonsense. What did she say? Where does he go? I can see Wasilla from my front porch....hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Sarah the Quitter wraps it all up in the flag, likening her family "team" fighting like the men and women in uniform. Gotta' hand it to her. She's come unraveled and the BS never stops.

Gregg in Milwaukee

Jackie said...

Re - Onejrkitty @ 5:59 pm

If it's a federal indictment Parnell won't be able to pardon anything - he would just be good for Alaska State pardons.

Ennealogic said...

Ziegler has hitched his wagon to a star that just super-nova'd.

Poor bastard. Although I say that with a grin on my face.

Anonymous said...

Even if it was a State issue, I would suspect that Parnell wouldn't be in the Gov's office by the time this is finished anyways.

You need to make up badges for Andrea, Celtic Diva and Dr. Chill -- "I'm One of Sarah Palin's Personal Terrorists!!"

Without being named, CD and Dr. Chill got a shout out in her resignation speech!!

Now if the MSM would use a brain cell, they could pull up article of the true state costs of $300,000 and not the 2 Million she stated. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they actually did their job as they've had enough airtime appearances by now to actually verify it. Oops - sorry, that's my bad habit -- thinking logically.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, the Sad Clown, goes down in flames. It was obvious from the outset that she didn't have "the right stuff" to even handle her family well - not to mention bungling the position as Governor (out of 2-12 years she was absent for l/2 of the time doing work from home and on the campaign trail for the rest) and now there's a criminal investigation cloud hanging over her head.

For one as delusionally egomaniacal as this woman is, quitting would be the last thing she would voluntarily do (she's not mature or intelligent enough to do that) so it must be the quid pro quo (house for Wasilla Sports Complex).

A trial lawyer would have a heyday with this - the setting: the scene of the crime? The analogy: Playing basketball (sports complex). How sad and pathological this woman has become.

Maybe she needs to check herself into a psych clinic soon?

Anonymous said...

For someone who is so active running, she did have a breathing problem in her speech. Her inhale breaths were extremely loud for someone who was only speaking mostly in short sentences, some only 6 words. Singers aren't that loud.

I did notice one other thing that I haven't read anywhere else yet -- she didn't say the word "maverick".

She also mentioned she poled her kids - no mention of Todd. So wonder who was feeding the info to the kids about the photoshopped pictures??

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Sarah is a fake in all respects - this we now know.

She's a runner in pantyhose, full make-up and hair extensions....NOT!

She's a governor plagued by ethics complaints just as she was when she was Mayor of Wasilla.

She's failed abysmally as a mother in the proper rearing of her children - we've seen the evidence.

And now she polls her children - 2 of whom are too young to have an opinion other than no longer being a political prop for their mother.

Her legacy will now be "disgraced & incompetent Ex-Governor of Alaska"; that is, until the other shoe drops. Stay tuned, as the Alaskan Abdicator says!! Stay tuned, indeed.

Anonymous said...

How long did she really serve?

The alaskan legislature pegged her as working from home (hell yeah!) half of the time in office.

One year of that 2-l/2 year stint was spent on the road campaigning MOL.

What does that leave as her legacy and political experience: NADA

She's cooked - put a fork in her and add her to your next batch of Moose Stew.

Anonymous said...

Saradise Lost - Book 3 - Chapter 3 -- Palin Talks About Leaving Office with John Ziegler.

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