Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Midsummer Flower Boxes and Rockery Wildflowers

Some pictures from today, while taking a break from house painting.

Russian Veronica:


A lily:

Four clamps:

Front deck colorful flower boxes:

Little deck flower boxes:

Geranium sanguinium "cranesbill":

Geranium Victor Riter, Jr:

Sedum spurium - Fulda glow:


Mary said...

Edelweiss! You grow Edelweiss.

One of the few flowers you really, really can't grow in San Diego that I absolutely love.

Anonymous said...

okay, okay...

When the sweetie and I get down to Anch. I'll make sure to drop off some white iris root clumps. The drop off will probably be at Diane B.'s place. She will know how to get in contact with you.

My white iris came from Pilgram Hot Springs, on the Seward Peninsula, about a decade ago. Every year I split the root clumps in the fall and replant them. Come spring they grow up nicely.


Anonymous said...

4 Clamps Organic?

Georgia Eliot said...

ahhhhh...thanks refreshing as AKM's water totem pic this morning!

Mary said...

Okay. Geraniums I can grow. And I just have to find one of those Victor Reiter Jr. geraniums.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

I was a bit surprised at the profusion of flowers in Alaska at this time of year - then I remembered all those long hours of daylight .... what's a flower to do - except party? Half your luck, Phil and Judy.