Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 75 - Continuity

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, hugging Eddie Burke: Eddie Burke: Sarah Palin, with Pastor Jerry Prevo, whom Eddie has characterized as "Christ-Like"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those photos. Now let's see what comes up in the emails Celtic Diva has requested.

Anonymous said...

There should be more said about the hate that was inspired by SP and JM Thanks for bringing it to the forefront.It should not be forgotten because its the core of the GOP and the fundamentalists.I still hear talk that was inspired by that Presidential run. Most is racist and untrue with a lot of venom.Lets not let that happen again

Alaska Is My Home said...

Oh Eddie and Sarah are just PERFECT for each other - both mean, stupid-acting, careless, and loud!

All she has to do is keep pallin' around with the creepy fanatics and it keeps scaring off the every day independent thinker who votes. She's giving SO MUCH material to those who want to see her gone from public policy making. I'm definitely voting her off our island, right now.

basheert said...

I don't think she is doing so well these days. After all, she's getting some pretty heavy negative smacks.

I think pretty soon the Creator is gonna get mad and her head will explode.

Will tickets be sold to this event?

I want to watch Miss Arrogant B*tch disintegrate in public.

Michelle said...

Hi Phil! The video of Sarah & Eddie Burke at the Reagan talk was played over and over yesterday on MSNBC as background while they were talking. Also, too, great screen shot of Sen. McCain showing the Dow down over 400 pts. Oh the horrible memories. Keep up the great blog!

Anonymous said...

Palin and Burke hugging: Priceless.

Especially in light of Palin's mendacious public outrage over the "desecration" of her "iconic" blah blah photo. That photoshopped pic of Palin and Burke was political satirical REALITY.

Thanks, Phil. Another great post for the archives.

Anonymous said...

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 75 - Continuity.

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