Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Parnell Proposes Charging Alaska Bloggers for the Cost of the Special Session to Appoint Campbell as Lt. Governor

Just kidding.

But Mel's new article, over at Henkimaa, is perhaps the best detailing of the true costs to the state of Alaska for what Palin and Parnell are describing variously as ethics complaints, or ethics complaints & lawsuits, or ethics complaints & investigations & lawsuits:

The 2 Million Dollar Meme

And - while the legislature is in session, they can vote in the Federal energy stimulus funds that Palin rejected. There has got to be a way to do that too, in spite of general restrictions on single topic sessions, otherwise, we're down at least $250,000.00, just to clear up another one of Sarah Palin's untidy messes.

If Parnell then vetoes the legislature's decision on the energy funds, well.....


Anonymous said...

Oh, look, Sarah was 7 months pregnant when this picture was taken on March 14, 2008!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, Here's some real news for ya, vetted and all, facts have been verified by trained journalists and the story is good to go.

KaJo said...

Phil, here's a rather interesting take on that picture you have posted:

Go to
for a true-perspective version of the portion of the picture that includes Sarah Palin.

Notice the door frame is perfectly vertical -- a clue that this is the true perspective, and not that wide-angle perspective that includes both Parnells and Palin too.

The point: Palin looks even LESS pregnant in that picture now, when she's not artificially widened by the perspective.

Anonymous said...

Hitler Finds Out Sarah Palin Resigns

Hilarious !

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 3:59 - Richard is the best there is in AK for investigative reporting. I'm glad to see two good stories by him in as many days.

Anonymous said...

Photo of Palin, Parnell and a baby that will be 6+ pounds in just 36 days. The magic of tight abs and floppy scarves.

womanwithsardinecan said...

I tried to email that meme story to Andrea Mitchell so she could get her "facts" straight, but her supposed email address bounces back.

Rick Garner said...

With Palin's resignation as Governor of Alaska, the feeding frenzy is on of news organizations clamoring to be the first to announce all the details. After all, if one quits their job they either couldn't handle the pressure or were up to no good, right?


Blue_in_AK said...

Slightly off topic, but I thought it was interesting that KTUU reported tonight that although Sarah called all the major networks out to Dillingham yesterday to discuss her decision to resign -- Andrea Mitchell, et al. -- she has yet to respond to a request from Channel 2 for an interview.

Anonymous said...

Teaser. What a great graph of the monies Palin keeps lying about. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and like the picture of that fake pregnancy, too!

Anonymous said...

Phil, have you seen this?


I have been to numerous websites including the Alaska Gov site, the governor's site and I can't find the spreadsheet.

Anonymous said...

You know, for a washed up, brain dead, quitter this woman sure has the creepy left in a twitter.

If she is such a loser and useless politician why spend so much time on her.

I am beginning to come around more and more to her side. I have never been that much of a supporter,, although I am a conservative but I'm starting to like her more and more.

The left acts like a bunch of magpies with an owl in the neighborhood. She riles them up just by being there.

I can't help but grin about it.

That's why I keep coming back to Phil's blog. It's just fun to watch them cackle and caw.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 10:43 - keep on coming around. She needs all the inspired help she can get at this point. go for it.

PA, OTOH, is quite ready to move on.

Anonymous said...

It's time for Parnell to eat his Wheaties and step up as a man here. Is he going to do the right thing for Alaska, or not? I used to like him a lot as a state senator, but he's had too much Grifter kool-aid at this point and has become Palin's stooge, even lying for her on multiple occasion now. Shame on Sean. He used to have integrity. Find your core, Sean, and come back to us. It's not too late for redemption.

Anonymous said...

When will this woman ever realize that when you attempt to 'shake people down' all you succeed in is 'shaking them up'??

Some folks just can't seem to get out of their own way.

The reason why people seem to be talking about her is because we cannot believe in our wildest of nightmares that John McCain, without vetting or knowing this woman, attempted to put her second in command of this country. That's what's with all the blather about her. The sheer "nightmare" of imagining that she would be our veep under a cancer-ridden prez is what horror (as in little shop of horrors: McCain's team's own words for her) is all about.

Besides, everyone stops to oogle a trainwreck, don't they?

The creepier and more absurd, the better.

Anonymous said...

PA, OTOH, is quite ready to move on.


I guess you guys have milked it for all it's worth, eh ?

This last round blew up in your face and has now undermined the AK Bloggers credibility, no question about it.

Perhaps it IS time to move on.

KaJo said...

womanwithsardinecan said July 7, 2009 5:59 PM..."I tried to email that meme story to Andrea Mitchell so she could get her "facts" straight, but her supposed email address bounces back."

I sent an e-mail to AM yesterday, about 15 minutes later, w-w-s-c.

AKPetMom said...

God, we'd almost be better off as a country if she and McCain had just won and McCain had to step down and then Sarah would have been President and would have had to quit (for whatever reason she might have chosen to give...)

That way we'd finally be done with her. Done with having our intelligence insulted with every word that flows forth from her mouth.

So far she's only graced us by quitting a job held by 49 other people in this country.

I must say though that I so enjoy the daily amusement that I get from listening to her excuses. Priceless she is, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Parnell Proposes Charging Alaska Bloggers for the Cost of the Special Session to Appoint Campbell as Lt. Governor.

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