Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alaska Standard's "Account Suspended" - Then Reinstated?

The Alaska Standard's web site is down.

The message reads "This Account Has Been Suspended."

I have a hunch why this has happened. One of Alaska's progressive bloggers apparently has requested that the Standard attribute materials taken from his site. According to some reports, Standard editor, Dan Fagan, has been reluctant to cooperate with the blogger.

Here's a screen shot of the blog, taken minutes ago:
Hopefully, the Standard will work things out with the blogger, if the dispute is the reason for suspension of the account.

I'll update this story when I get some material that explains the dispute more deeply.

It is back up now. Interesting.

image - artistic impression of Dan Fagan by PA


Anonymous said...

There are numerous reasons to get that error message. Too many to list.

Anonymous said...

The site is still down :-(

Speaking of Dan Fagan though (ugh) - - the adn is doing a "Best of Alaska" awards right now.

You can either fill out the form in the paper & mail in in, or go to:

Philip, I know this is the wrong place to ask this and I hope you don't mind - but I wasn't sure how to contact you & you can delete this if it's in the wrong place.

I'm hoping that under the "broadcast personality" category, that people will vote for Shannyn Moore.

I realize they don't specify radio or television broadcasters, but as far as I'm concerned - Shannyn does an excellent job speaking on both, and in year's past both have won.

I sorely miss the days of Aaron, CC and Shannyn - but I'm thankful that we still (occassionally) have Shannyn Moore to listen to.

When this "Best of" list comes out each year, ADN really makes a big deal out of it and I'd love it if we could recognize someone who actually deserves it this time!!!

Every year it seems that Jackie Purcell wins the broadcast category with Rick Rydell coming in at 2nd or 3rd.

Sorry for rambling on, but I hope, hope, HOPE that some here will consider filling out the online form or sending one in and giving Shannyn Moore the KUDOS (pun sadly intended) that she deserves!

Thank you Phil and if this is in the wrong place, I apologize. :o(

(p.s. I hope Shannyn Moore doesn't mind me nominating her!!!)

Libby K. ~ Anchorage

Anonymous said...

I'm able to get to, no problem.

Philip Munger said...


I'm getting a post on Shannyn ready for this evening or tomorrow. Thanks for nominating her.

Anonymous said...



I just completed my on-line form. You only have to fill out a minimum of 25 of the 100+ categories.

I managed to fill out all but about 3 of them.. (took forever to think of what to put down for some of the questions though) :-O

GooOOOoo Shannyn!!!

Libby :o)