Monday, July 6, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 3 - Chapter 9 -- David Wohl Implies van Flein is SLAPPING Moore and AK Bloggers

Remind me not to hire this guy, David Wohl, if I need a good attorney:


onejrkitty said...

Palin will sue NO one.

Van Flein will "threaten" for her, but he will not risk his position as an attorney nor risk the punishment he can receive for bringing a frivilous lawsuit.

Step one: Motion for Summary Judgment ( Palin's case is thrown out.)

Step two: IF step one failed--remember courts are NOT where justice resides--just start depositions. And don't forget to depose Palin about other rumors that she has NOT complained about i.e. who is Trigg's real mother.


The woman cannot face an ADN reporter for God's sake, how is she going to face an attorney who will -- and my attorney did this--ask her to explain exactly what SHE means by specific words.

In my case, an ex-supervisor was asked to read from her own letter where it was claimed I had been "inflammatory and accusatory" in my response (reviewed by my attorney and union rep prior to submission) to her letter of reprimand to me.

There was NO portion in the letter to support either claim. As well we made her "define" what the words inflammatory and accusatory actually meant TO HER.

This woman was pale, trembling and her attorney (VERY WELL KNOWN) would not look at her when she turned to him for guidance.

In her need to defend herself, she also blurted out info that placed my union rep in obvious conspiracy and we ended up nailing him too ! She was stupid enough to think that showing my union rep betraying me would prove how awful I was ! THAT MADE HER ATTORNEY PALE AND TREMBLING (WITH ANGER AT HER! )

The ONLY way Palin knows how to defend herself is to "lose it" with her usual over reaction. That does NOT bode well when one is a witness.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the hilarious and embarrassing circus that Palin will cause if she files these lawsuits! Van Flein needs to put a muzzle on that pit bull, or the fur's going to fly. Popcorn time for Palin's deposition! Lying under oath is a serious offense, Governor Grifter.

Anonymous said...

I hear that her recent AIP video congratulating the secessionist party from this past year has gone viral on the net. I believe it's time for it to hit the national airwaves - again.

This will not involve 'rumor'; it's fact and prima facie evidence.

MadCityKaren said...

I got the distinct impression that David Wohl had done no independent corroboration, other than what had been fed to him by the Fox 'brain room', prior to coming on this particular show.

Also, I was bothered by the host misquoting Shannyn at the beginning of the program: "She did not resign under investigation for any ethics violations, but a blogger suggests she did, saying 'Palin was suspected of wrongdoing, possibly involving corruption, or kickbacks on her house or the sports complex in her hometown, pick your theory' ..." ... anyone remember Shannyn either saying or writing that? I don't. I've seen/heard Shannyn state that there are RUMORS.

Anonymous said...

did you go home and diddle yourself after you watched someone shake, shiver and turn pale.
Sounds like a potential serial killer rapist...what a freak you lefties are.


Anonymous said...

I hope Sarah does sue Shannyn. What fun!! It wouldn't cost Shannyn a penny. It would be worth it to watch Sarah squirm.

Valkyrie...your comment above is out of line.

KaJo said...

I remarked a month or so ago that Sarah Palin's personality reminded me of that of Roger Clemens, the baseball pitcher whose narcissism was the chief obstacle to his "coming clean" and being honest about his steroid use during the 1990s, when it was illegal, and banned by baseball.

He was named as a user in the Mitchell Report that was published (I believe) in December 2007, but adamantly swore he never had used steroids. Until his name was definitively linked to steroids, he was a shoo-in for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Despite testimony from others, he lied about it in a Congressional committee hearing in February 2008, a hearing HE requested to "clear" himself.

There's rumors now he's about to be indicted for perjury before Congress. Bye-bye Hall of Fame.

Hoken said...

Hey, Megan - I have a few more things you can cover:

1)Call Fox News Central and see if they've found the Whitey Tape yet. 2)While you've got them on the phone, see if they've found anything to back up the body count they attributed to Dr. Ayers. Seems a bit high to me. 3)I want to get my kid Indonesian citizenship. Can you verify for me that all I have to do is tell a school secretary that he's already Indonesian? Sounds too good to be true!

I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

So can Obama go after Fox or World Net Daily for all of their lies? Or can he go after some of these tea bagger leaders that carry the signs of hate towards Obama around to divide the people?

Anonymous said...

Due Diligence !


There's a new term that you can add to your arsena

Lazarhat said...

@Anon 3:04


That is from before McCain and was already revealed.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Anon...I honestly don't care what you think about my response.
It did hit the nail right on the head though because the left are all potential serial killers.


Anonymous said...

You are right on Valkyrie! These loser libs think they have some kind of right to destroy a person's reputation. Well, I do believe these little losers will be in for one freaking HUGE surprise when the lawsuits start rolling in. Did they really think Palin was going to put up with their crap forever.....negative on that and my little libtards, I do believe the time has come to pay the piper. If you are looking for the reason Palin stepped down as governor, here it is. Now she is no longer restrained by her position. BRING IT ON SARAH!! Revenge is sweet!

Anonymous said...

There was NO portion in the letter to support either claim.

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