Friday, July 10, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 3 - Chapter 16 -- A Tribute to Mel

Of all the stories the Alaska progressive bloggers have dealt with as a very loosely-knit team, the ongoing change in acceptance of Gov. Palin's meme, that our state has somehow spent an enormous amount of time and money defending Palin from false or frivolous attacks, is a battle for which we may actually be able to give ourselves real major credit.

We do intend to win.

The key player in this has been and is Mel Green. Her collaboration with Sean Cockerham from the Anchorage Daily News has put the rest of Alaska mainstream media to shame. So far.

More on this on Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Phil: "We do intend to win."
Keep pounding away with analysis and facts, facts, facts. Palin may be exiting Alaskan politics but the fight on the national level against this divisive liar of a politician has just begun. We need the Alaskan bloggers to continue to lead the charge.

Anonymous said...

Alaska MSM sucks my COCK


Anonymous said...

Facts, schmacts.

Facts are overrated.

Who needs facts when it's so much easier to blog about unsubstantiated gossip and rumors ?

Anonymous said...

Brand new Sarah Palin music video:

Watch it until the end!!

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 6:59 am - PA isn't into helping you "out" videmus omnia. Go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:07: That YouTube is disgusting; no thanks.
~Phil Smith

Anonymous said...


this is not about "outing" Tim Lindell/Videmus Omnia, as he has voluntarily outed himself (he wrote a whole blogpost about it on C4P) and now writes under his real name on C4P and other websites, goes on radio shows etc.

Tim Lindell is the "master of vicious attack" on C4P, and the purpose of this document was to show that the high standards that Tim Lindell applies to others apparently don't apply to himself, as his leading activity on a pro-Palin website was a clear breach of military regulations that he has to observe as an active duty soldier.

The document contained no personal information, but only public information about Tim Lindell's previous activites on the internet, for example as a censor-happy Wikipedia administrator, where he also admitted himself that his status as an active duty soldier could constitute a problem for him. He was well aware of this legal issue before he started to write his vicious articles on C4P.