Monday, July 20, 2009

Saradise Found - Chapter 16 - FAUX News Has Palin Ahead of Obama?


HistoryGoddess said...

This type of reporting leaves me sick. What a manipulation of facts.

We went on vacation for a week, driving east into rural areas. No MSNBC. No progressive radio. Only Rush/Hannity and their clones. Fox on the single digit TV stations. Internet reception was touch and go. What did I learn? If that is all people hear, they have no reason to question. My own uncle's idea of research is to double check what he hears on Drudge.

No wonder Palin has followers.

Philip Munger said...

"Fox on the single digit TV stations. Internet reception was touch and go. What did I learn? If that is all people hear, they have no reason to question. My own uncle's idea of research is to double check what he hears on Drudge."

Were Josef Stalin alive, he would envy such media - if it was on HIS side.

Anonymous said...

That video looks like a clip on SNL!

Wolfe Tone said...

Jeebus H. on a stick.
When is this crapola going to stop?

teal said...

HOTT Lind Poll?

ReBugs...will say anything to place her in the top....she gonna get matter what. mean Rebugs...not everyday ppl...just Rebugs...

mlaiuppa said...

It's Faux. They just make sh¡t up.

Anonymous said...

OK...I'm a radical right winger compared to most of you on the creepy left.

But I don't watch TV or listen to radio.

I couldn't finish this clip. It's so obviously biased.

I wonder if you on the creepy left see the same thing in people like Keith Olbermann. Phil had a clip from him the other day. I couldn't watch it either. So much snide elitism.

Lets get off the pablum of TV and radio journalism. Spread your reading around a little and open your horizons. The internet is great for that.

I read everything from Huffpost, and Guardian to Drudge and Newsmax. And everything in between. Real Clear Politics is great.

People who disagree with you actually make some good points once in a while. It just bugs me when they tack on something like Palin's fake pregnancy to their otherwise intelligent argument.

Then I have to sit back and grin at the irony of humankind. We can be smart and stupid at the same time.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 11:05 - I agree with most of what you wrote.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Anomymous @ 11:05:

The fact that you refer to yourself as putatively "radical", and those who don't share your political beliefs as "creepy" gives you away as an average garden-variety right-wing bigot.

Anonymous said... can't offend me.

Of course, no progressive could possibly be a bigot.

That's why I just call them creepy.

But I can't call a guy creepy who likes wood boats and quiet lakes.

Most of the creepy left live in the big cities and think of us poor ruralites as backward wackos.

You can be a lefty without being creepy, but it's tough cause you are forced to hang out with them at all the political functions. I know, I've been there.

Philip Munger said...

ano @ 11:53 -

I used to be a Republican. Jerry Falwell saved me, though. When the GOP made their Faustian deal with Falwell and Robertson, I left. I thought of becoming a Dem, but Sheffield, Cowper and Knowles held me back. After the Exxon Valdez, I joined the Greens. But I got tired of beating my head against that wall.

Alaskan independents have a lot to offer when they become involved in their community structures. So do Dems, the GOP and Greens, if they really care about solving long-term problems.

But people like you who don't even care to create a pseudonym here - well, I've spent all the time I can afford dealing with your whines.

basheert said...

Nicely said Phil.

It is unfortunate that many people do not have access to a variety of media feed. Having sampled a variety, I must admit I do prefer RachelM and KeithO simply because they at least give the appearance of being rational thinking humans and so far I haven't heard them "making s*it up".

The radical right wing screamers got old for me a long time ago. Rather than give them the time of day, I'll curl up with a book and a cup of tea.

Keep up the good work!

Casey said...

Phil...I agree with Basheert. I am willing to listen to anyone anytime...but...I cannot listen to Fox News...and even Morning Joe can give me the shakes.

Yes, KO can be over the top...he does.not. lie. He calls out dems when they are wrong. Rachel has more integrity in her little finger than most people could ever hope to have. Again..she does. not. lie.

Fox news lies. Rush Limbaugh lies. Bill O lies. Glenn Beck. lies. Canada has a health lottery he screams at a caller. I nearly fell off my chair at that one. It would have been funny, except it is so outrageous, that is scared me to think that anyone with even a partial brain would believe that crap. I have made myself upset.

By the way anon. Even though I am Canadian, I am a Conservative voter. I am not always happy with my current Conservative government, but its a minority government so I can live with it. Its not just creepy lefties...(get some nicer terminology) who don't like Palin, and who think Obama is a good POTUS.