Monday, July 6, 2009

Saradise lost - Book 3 - Chapter 11- Shannyn Moore on Countdown


Anonymous said...

A pro-Palin pal of mine said that Sarah won't do a job unless she can do it 100%. She said that no man has ever been raked over the coals as Palin has been. I'm not sure that any man has tried to court the press as much as she has, then p'd them off.

What do you think, Phil?

I felt that she should have been better at choosing her battles. Had she ignored Letterman and everyone else, she'd have been happier because she'd have not had the backlash.

She always seemed to me to be above the press, like, "They will be nice to me" like they were when her pregnancy was obvious but she told no one. (She was also very friendly back then.)

When did the break come? Was it in her negative acceptance speech, or later?

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Thanks for getting the video up so quickly, Phil.

Anonymous said...

And there's always this little gem,

Update: This just in my inbox, from a source connected sometimes to CNN:

"Here's a quote I got from law enforcement here in Alaska yesterday afternoon regarding Palin "a criminal indictment is pending authorization."

Do you think this was the rumor that she was spreading ?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:43 --

Here's my take on it, and I say this as a... Born & raised Alaskan. Republican until the week after McCain picked Palin (at which point I realized that the Republican party was beyond redemption in the near-term, having strayed from core Repub values into nutty-cuckoo-crazyland-religious-zealotry). I am Episcopalian, so not against religion by any stretch of the imagination. Very inner-circle Republican connected while married to my ex-husband (connected to the holiest-of-holy Alaskan Republican families).

So, here's my OPINION: It is NOT that Sarah Palin does not do a job unless she can do it 100%. It is that she does not do a job unless she BENEFITS from it 100%. That includes extending to family & friends.

She is completely ignorant of civics, politics & humanitarian issues and utterly without inherent talent or instinct in the same areas. At one point she was nurtured & supported by some very powerful Alaskan politicians, mentored if you will. With their coaching & support she was able to become mayor of Wasilla; that ended in disaster, was an epic fail fiscally, ethically, you name it. After throwing her weight around on behalf of some Republican campaigns (Murkowski, Stevens the elder), she had accrued enough political capital to get her cushy AOGCC gig -- an appointed job. Sad thing is that there is not a single Republican candidate, particularly not Murkowski or Stevens, who needs to do much effort in terms of the Mat-Su Valley, that is NOT a region of AK friendly to the evil liberals/progressives/Democrats. My husband and I are oil employees, and I can tell you that my husband, who had much interaction with the AOGCC, had nightmarish experiences when she was there (her trying to show some muscle, get one over on the guys & the oil companies, yet being utterly clueless & impeding progress). Then she pulled the Randy Ruedrich b.s. to give herself an ethics soapbox (nevermind that she had done the same while in Wasilla, but that never came out until later), as well as an excuse to quit her AOGCC job.

I have to agree with the articles I've read with comments by Alaskan politicians & movers/shakers that state that she is an IMPEDIMENT to the progress of an Alaskan natural gas pipeline. I have never believed that AGIA is worth the paper it is written on, as a matter of fact, I consider it to be a $500 million boondoggle. Witness Exxon's recent decision to climb on board as a contractor under TransCanada. So nice for them that they will be able to get money from the State for design work that they'd have otherwise had to absorb had they been on board with the Denali pipeline. They are surely laughing all the way to the bank. $500 million to pay out in fines, possibly hundreds of millions from the state under AGIA... What a clusterf*ck.

Don't get me started on the taxes levied on the oil companies... The state has forced out independents who cannot afford those tax rates. Therefore we have fewer jobs, nearly non-existent exploration, and are still hostage to the whims of BP/Exxon/ConocoPhillips. And naturally this tax structure that raked in the $$ when oil was high, well, not so good when prices dipped, as Alaska gets less than it did before when prices fall below approx $70.

Fiscal conservatism? Please! Raiding the state savings does not equal cutting the budget! Putting off tax credits owed to the oil companies, pushing them off for the next administration, is NOT saving Alaska money! Her budgetary savings is smoke & mirrors!

People MUST educate themselves about that sort of fiscal obfuscation on her part! She does NOT represent smaller government, fiscal conservatism, etc!!!!!!!!

We owe it to ourselves to report on that sort of thing rather than the speculation & tit for tat stuff. It is vital. It is factual. It cannot be denied or hidden. She is nobody's savior except for all those in her inner circle who are now on the State's dole thanks to her efforts...

onejrkitty said...

Palin is fishing because she is hiding. Same reason to visit villages and go to Kotzebue. Keeps her away from press and questions.

Notice, no more threats from Van Flein today.

I suspect this "gonna sue" crap will die a quiet death.

Van Flein knew better to begin with and now I think he feels really stupid and foolish. Perhaps enough to tell Palin "NO" when she loses it and over reacts.

Notice: still NO reaction of any kind over the long long long held rumors of Trigg's parentage.

Now why hasn't she gotten pissed enough to threaten to sue over that one?

Cause it's likely true.

Someothing out of her control is very threatening to her right now. This is narcissistic delusional bubble being burst and she cannot handle that.

She is at --- or very soon will be at critical mass.

When her 3 weeks are up --and I think she is quitting in part because her magical thinking tells her she can escape negativae press that way--she will, as a typical narcissist, miss, long for and will be desperate for attention again. Narcissist cannot live out of some kind of spotlight and the VP run ruined her for local spotlights. Even being in the spotlight of her family will no longer be enough.

She is like a junkie going cold turkey.

It will get far worse. Narcissist always self destruct sooner or later. They do NOT get better. She will not stop being a narcissist just because she is no longer governor.

I think it is become clear now that ALL she ever wanted was the attention and the power. She never had a desire to govern. Like VF author said tonight, she wanted the ice cream but didn't like the vegetables.

Lazarhat said...

@Anon 8:06

It's like we are twins separated at birth... also a Republican, but consider myself progressive compared to the 'Neotheocons' (the extreme Palin wing of the Republic(an)('t) (because they are neither Republican nor conservative in the traditional senses of the terminology) Party.

The quicker the death of this 'Neotheocon' version of American Talibanism dies the better. It is not an ideal of peace and tolerance but of hate and division.

It would be best for all, including her own sanity, if she now did work with special olympics and special needs children related causes if that is TRULY where her heart and passion is at, as she has stated repeatedly (and I, in spite of being a Buddhist ;), have a feeling God is TELLING her that is precisely where her heart should lead her).

Concerning the Van Flein affair -- please. A joke from the outset. The amateurishness and outright ineptness of the supposed professional advisors that surround this woman are epic failure after epic failure. There is no control of message, no control of image, no control whatsoever because it ALL revolves around them apeasing and kowtowing to Sarah's emotions of the moment. From personal experience with people of similar background and upbringing I have an idea that's how she's wired.

Asking an attorney for restraint when somebody else (hapless Alaska Fund Trust dupes) is essentially writing you a blank cheque? Yeah. Right.

There is no bigger foot nor no bigger mouth collectively as the Sarah Palin/Meg Stapelton/Eddie Burke triumvirate. May they all find other new and fascinating adventures in positions OTHER than their previous ones...


basheert said...

Great comments all. Shannyn on KO last night was her usual impressive self. Thoughtful, careful and well informed.
I personally believe the GOPers are self destructing, all of them. This demagoguery is so exclusionary that the party has no shrunk seriously and most right thinking moderate conservatives are running in the opposite direction.
SP represents the "way out there" faction that has scared so many individuals and caused them to change parties (we did).
Unless and until the GOP returns to a mainstream party that can appeal to many different types of person, they are DONE as political players.
The quality of representatives in the GOP at this point could be considered a JOKE and is dragging the party down.
The religious ferocity is hugely negative to large segments of the population, particularly when so many of the GOP have ethics issues.
SP is simply unqualified. I believe she is a medical narcissist and agree she will self destruct. It will not be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I heard Shannyn on both Olbermann and Alan Colmes and she sounded very, very nervous to me. Maybe Shannyn is going to learn a very valuable lesson soon about deliberately trying to destroy someone's reputation. There are serious consequences to pay for that. I guess Shannyn and all the lib morons thought they could do whatever they wanted, we'll see about that.

Anonymous said...

Photo fun with Sarah future

Cascadia Wildlands said...

Just my humble editorial suggestion Phil... Less links to cable TV news. I see why you do it (PA does the best round-ups of anyone out there.. anyone), but pundits on TV is like the anti-thesis of news. I read your blog to get AWAY from the damned TV news.:)

Anonymous said...

Shann's interview last night on MSNBC was great. 80% of educated women in this country are throwing our resources and weight behind her - not to mention countless attorneys who would love nothing more than for Palin to sue so they could be the one to depose this woman who has a problem with truth. We all know that it won't happen or people like Rush Limbaugh would have been hauled into jail long ago.

Phil: Your site is fabulous and I continue to share it with everyone I know. They love it.

Please keep shining light into the darkness of the Palin facade in order to bring us the pure, unvarnished truth - as you always do.

Anonymous said...

Laz: I love your post! You can coin that phrase and put palin's photo under it.


kathy in Blue Bell said...

My question would be;

When your water broke in Texas and you contacted your doctor, did she say it was medically safe for you to take an 8 hour flight?

If the answer is yes, get the doctor on the stand to be deposed!

Graham said...

What I can tell Anonymous with the GOP machismo bravado-mouth is that if any lawsuit is filed against Shannyn Moore, I will donate money to her defense fund, and do my best to ensure that all of the material facts in the case are revealed in court. The power of discovery in court cases can be very salutary if your house is built of cards...given her proven track record as a pathological liar, discovery on Sarah Palin may be a very interesting process.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog to get AWAY from the damned TV news.:iI read your blog to get AWAY from the damned TV news.:)

Just be careful to glean the facts from the innuendo.

This isn't the news, this is amateur advocacy blogging.

Alaska Mike said...

So Sayonara Sarah wants to quit her job, but not all the media attention. How many people bring CNN on a fishing trip?

Anonymous said...

Never ever watch Keith O. He looks so dirty. Does he EVER wash his hair? Just watched this little interview with Shannon whatever her name is. She is an idiot. Please don't smile. Your teeth are horrible. Must be a smoker. She says I know the media has been hard on her. Well blondie if you know that, why do YOU want to make it worse on her??? Answer-PURE HATE
Here is a Mother of five, governor, working Mother, wife, etc. etc. buy yet YOU want to make her life harder. You are female, (I guess), a fellow Alaskian, yet you want to disgrace this woman. I hope she sues you BIG TIME and wins. Get over your jealousy. It is NOT a good look on you. Get a life and move on. Leave this family alone.

Anonymous said...

I hope she sues you BIG TIME and wins. Get over your jealousy.

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