Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Both Parnell and Campbell Still Believe Palin's "Strings Attached" Myth

During questioning yesterday by the Alaska Legislature's House Judiciary Committee, likely incoming Alaska Lt. Governor, current Alaska National Guard Lt. General, Craig Campbell declared that he doesn't want the state "subjected to things like the stimulus money that could be considered bribes."

The body to whom he was declaring this has already looked into the matter and found that the strings to which soon-to-be-ex Gov. Sarah Palin and soon-to-be Gov. Sean Parnell are referring, don't exist. That didn't seem to faze Campbell, who still feels comfortable parroting Pain propaganda that is better designed to assuage the myth-laden beliefs of the Tea Party, the Alaska Independence Party and far-right GOP members, than to focus upon the future, and upon the needs of Alaskans to build more energy-efficient structures whenever and wherever possible.

Campbell went on to say, as quoted by Anchorage Daily News reporter, Sean Cockerham, that "I do consider that when the federal government offers money and then says, 'but you have to now implement programs that the citizens of Alaska may not want to do,' they are bribing you towards a program." Campbell has spent his adult life using Federal funds in very strictly specified programs, in their application to state programs. He should know a string when it is attached.

Back on July 10, when asked by Alaska Public Radio Network's Lori Townsend about state acceptance of the vetoed Federal energy stimulus package funds, Parnell was quoted thusly:

Parnell is quoted by APRN's Lori Townsend as stating "he prefers lawmakers consider options to the Federal offer of $28 million. He says he agrees with Gov. Palin's stance against accepting the money, and he doesn't understand why the legislature is willing to put Alaska 'under the thumb' of the Federal Government:

"[Parnell] While legislators may be less concerned about that, I am, uh, I am concerned that local communities not have the opportunity to set their own building energy codes. This thing that, uh, thing that, uh, you know, many areas of our state are currently comply, and thinking that that's grounds to make every area of the state comply into the future, even when the building energy code changes, uh, nationally and internationally, not set here in our state, I think that's, I think that's short-sighted to get out of [unintelligible]..."

Townsend goes on in her report to state, "If legislators decide to vote to override the veto, Parnell will have the authority to continue to act on his belief, as Governor, he will be able to refuse to spend the money, even with legislative direction, and will not necessarily order the paperwork to receive the Federal funds. Those actions are outside of the legislature's control."

In Townsend's report, Parnell goes on to suggest the legislature "make its own appropriation of $28 million in State money, avoiding any risk of Federal involvement. However, that subject has not come up in any talks with members."

The only "strings attached" I can see in the statements of these two men are the apron strings attaching them to Sarah Palin.


sauerkraut said...

Not much can be done with people who embrace the mediocrity of Palin, Phil. All you can do is hope for the best. At least when they speak, you can understand what they are saying.

Wolfe Tone said...


The only flaw in your comment is that sarah Palin has never risen to the level of mediocrity.

Aspiecelia said...

Yes, if you take money from the federal government they might intervene in a situation where senior citizens can't get help from health and social services. The reason being Palin put an incompetent ex-classmate in the position of directing the program. Some of them died, imagine how many suffered. Still others who could not get services must have had to leave their homes. It is not the agencies who provide the services, it was HSS not even evaluating them so they could be refered. They say they can't get nurses to work for them. Most nurses will not stay in a dangerous/corrupt situation. I did stay in another bad situation run by another screwed up agency in Alaska. I got PTSD for my efforts and did something stupid while I was very ill ending up with legal charges(The charges were politically driven and most of them false). I have warned nurses all over the country not to come here because Workplace Bullying runs rampant in health care, especially in the rural areas. It causes PTSD. Look it up and read the tactics they use. See if any of it reminds you of a certain governor.

Wolfe Tone said...

Interesting news release by KTUU:

'Palin implicated in ethics probe'

The plot thickens.

Anonymous said...

If Parnell refuses to spend the money, even with legislative direction, you can be VERY certain that the Legislative Council will file a lawsuit asking the court to issue a Writ of Mandumus forcing him to follow the law. And they wlll win the case.

Parnell is just a delusional as the Governess.

Anonymous said...

Campbell has a lot of nerve mentioning bribery considering he flip flopped about Sarah Palin and got his third star and Lt. Gov. What a hypocrite