Friday, June 19, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 65 -- What Has Palin's Most Articulate Spokesman Been Up To? - Updated

John Ziegler, Sarah Palin's number one fan, hasn't been idle this past week.

Here he is, outside of NBC HQ, at the David Letterman protest that was almost as poorly attended as John's film has been (Who is the woman he is hugging at the beginning? Is she from Conservatives 4 Palin?):

And here he is on Vancouver, BC talk radio, being his ever-charming self. I really think Sarah should hire John to take Bill McAllister's place. He's so utterly diplomatic, no matter what kind of situation he finds himself in:

Here's an excerpt from an article about Ziegler's appearance and "press conference:"

John Ziegler, a Los Angeles radio host, the producer of the documentary film "Media Malpractice" - and the spokesman for , held a press conference in the street, complete with permitted sound equipment. He started by stating what David Letterman had done had gone far beyond anyone else, that he had clear liberal bias - and that he had a "peculiar interest" in Sarah Palin. One could take that to mean that he considered Letterman sexually obsessed with the Alaska Governor.

"It is part of a liberal attempt to destroy Governor Palin for the past eleven months," Ziegler added. Ziegler further said, "I got a call from CBS. Why are you holding a protest? Why don't you just go away?" He went on to say that despite the weak second apology, there is no justice and no accountability, that Letterman should be suspended from his show as a minimum punishment.

"Why doesn't he donate last week's income to a charity chosen by Sarah Palin?" - or words very close to that - were Ziegler's next remark. Ziegler had tried to contact Letterman and got no direct response. He was also had been scheduled to be on the CBS television morning show and was "bumped" (canceled) from that.

When asked why the protest took a week to happen, Ziegler asked, "Why did David Letterman take a week to apologize?" When Air America, in more of an accusation that a question, remarked that Sarah Palin went on Saturday Night Live in 2008 a week after they had aired a skit which said that Tod Palin had slept with his daughter, Ziegler pointed out that skit was set in a New York Times staff meeting where the paper's staff was considering topics to write, so it was essentially a satire on what the Times might publish to discredit her, not Saturday Night Live saying this directly of Gov. Palin.

Ziegler was asked by other media if he had much support for his protest (he had flown to New York at his own expense from Los Angeles), he mentioned that his website had many sign up for his newsletter and he had received many positive emails.

And here's a description of the crowd size at the NYC event:

Did you hear about the “Fire David Letterman” rally in New York City on June 16th? What, you didn’t? What are you, deaf and blind? I mean, there was a huge crowd there – hundreds! Oops, make that fifty. No, make that fifteen.

Meanwhile, contributions to the SLAPP suit against Alaska citizen activists and bloggers fund seem to be slowing down to a trickle. On day five of the seven-day drive, they are 20% of the way toward their goal. Where's Exxon when you need them, Sarah?

Update - A video by Karl Spensen of the Spensen Factor:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to highlight the "joke" that is John Ziegler. The man has never done anything well in his life. Sarah Palin's nat'l career is doomed to failure if he is one of her "public faces." Ooops, too late.

Anonymous said...

IF they can't raise money faster than that, Palin might have to stop violating all of the ethics laws.

ohhhh, that's why they're passing a new law that no one can talk about her or her lack of ethics.

King Henry 8th would be so proud! Way to reinvent the constitution!!

AKPetMom said...

Oh Lord, do you think that Sarah probably asks herself why she allied herself with this angry anti social man?

Probably not, as they seem to behave in the same manner when confronted.

That's exactly why she will never rise above her station as Gov of Alaska; because she can't hold her tongue and act in a diplomatic and calm manner when confronted.

She and Ziegler are cut from the same cloth.

Wolfe Tone said...

In a city of 8.3 million souls, they could only scrounge up 15 protesters.

Hell, there were probably that many fire Letterman" supporters sitting in Dave's audience.

mlaiuppa said...


Ziegler. What a maroon.

Letterman should be fired because he's a liberal. And there you have it.

I still say that half of the protesters were probably there because they like Leno and blame Letterman for Conan O'Brien replacing Leno.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Alaskan's need to contact Ray Mecalf RIGHT NOW!
This is outrageous SLAPP suit! Someone like the FBI needs to smack this bitch and her followers right down the toilet!
Alaskan's email write leg. Demand special session for IMPEACHMENT!
This vile, bitch is twisting ethical, legal to suit her and trying to punish the voices of truth.
Shut that effing door right in her face NOW!!!!Forever~

Ennealogic said...

Ziegler is a sorry, sad individual. He is angry and insecure and pathetic. Unfortunately he's latched on to Sarah, and this doesn't help her one bit. He's a raving madman, nearly as narcissistic as she is, trying to float himself into recognition based on his filming the interview with her wherein she trashes the negative press she received.

1. The negative press she received was totally warranted.
2. Ziegler's insufficient attempt to prove she was wronged just marks him as a toadie. Yes, a TOADIE. In other words, avoid contact with this man if you value your public image.

Anonymous said...

Personally I am thrilled that Palin seems to like having Zeigler speak on her behalf. He is abrasive, nasty, he and Palin are a great match.

If they have a mutual admiration for each other, the better it is for everyone else.

sauerkraut said...

Is Ziegler really as stupid as he sounds?

"Clearly" he does not realize that Willow was neither at that game nor was Willow the Palin child who got "knocked up." What a freaking ass he is.

With Ziegler, it's clear that he's looking for attention. If he admits that it was Bristol who got knocked up, then his face disappears off the news.

Or maybe he really is that stupid.

And his claim that his latest notamentary is "superb" or whatever he called it, carries the worth of a wet fart.

It's about himself. Just like Palin. He wants to be the issue.

Anonymous said...

What a freakin' nutcase.

Zeigler and Rebecca Mansour are two peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

"Ziegler and Rebecca Mansour are two peas in a pod"

Maybe they should date. Don't they both live in L.A.?

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately he's latched on to Sarah, and this doesn't help her one bit."

I don't find it the least bit unfortunate; I think it is a boon. I would say, too, that he is just as narcissistic as Sarah.

This was an interview? A wee bit one-sided, I think. Congratulations to the Canadian interviewers who managed exceedingly well to maintain their cool in the face of obvious insanity. Wow.