Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Fantasy Character Polls and a 3D Wrestling Fantasy YouTube

I saw this cartoon sometime last year at a blog post that was having a contest for best Palin caricature. It is apparently an illustration from a cartoon book.

The Mudflats posted it today, to head an essay on a poll for you to vote on some unlikely combinations of fantasy characters in a comic book scenario.

You can go there, check it out, and vote.

Saturday, Progressive Alaska put up the two polls at the right side of your screen, with an essay explaining what the poll is about.

Meanwhile, in another neighborhood of the fantasy world Sarah Palin seems to inhabit more comfortably than our real one (Palin's weirdest fantasy tweet of the weekend - "Thank you Wasilla for Trail of Healing! May God bless efforts of reconciliation; it shall be manifested in more respect for AKs First People," while she continues to screw over Begich, Murkowski, Young and AK's First People on some very important Real Native issues, behind-the-scenes), Palin is active in the 3-D fantasy wrestling world. Here she is, battling one mean woman wrestler, Dame Dracula:

And here's Tonya Harding, our readers' choice to replace Meg Stapleton as Palin's liaison with SarahPAC, battling FAUX News nut, Glenn Beck:


Gramiam said...

Where I come from that Fantasy battle between SP and Dame Dracula would be called an A$$ Whoopin' I LOVE this. I have saved it to replay every time GINO does something dumb!!

basheert said...

OMG you will get so sick of it. You will have to watch it a million times a day.

What is with SP's new Christian evangelical twitter mouthpiece who evidently has been on the job since June 10 but is too busy to talk to the paper? $103,000+ per year to twitter for her?

This guy is pretty bad guys. He's totally into testosterone and seems to not like women.....

Philip Munger said...


except one...

Kat said...

What is it with these male palinistas? Another one who doesn't like women - except her highness? Add him to Eddie Burke and John Zigler. Both woman haters and disrepecters. (is that a word? :D)

Anonymous said...

From day one I wanted a Palin vs Hilary smackdown on that show with the claymation wrestling. Anyone remember the name of that? It was very violent & hilarious & had epic match-ups. THAT I would watch. This stuff and the photoshop stuff? Not so much. I am so Palin'd out, except for the real failure to do her duty by the state of AK stuff.

Thanks, though, Phil, for a nice balance.