Monday, June 15, 2009

The Best Picture of Monday's Tehran Demonstrations

A lot of information, constantly being updated, at this DailyKos diary.

Another perspective, from Adam Horowitz at Mondoweiss.


Anonymous said...

"The protests have may not have only fatally crippled the legitimacy the of the Ahmadinejad government, but have also destroyed the carefully crafted neocon image of the country as the center spoke of the axis of evil."

Hilarious stuff....I can see why this was linked to...more anti-Israel stuff for "progressive" readers to get their hate on. Because the islamofascists are lashing out at their own people, Horowitz completely ignores the efforts by the liberal media to paint Iran as a moderate regime. Instead he twists day-into-night by claiming that the neo-cons hated the Iranian people. Complete rubbish , of course, the neo-cons knew that the Iranians were ruled by a repressive regme and they tried pointing out how ruthless that regime was ....but the liberals wouldn't hear it. Now that the "moderate" Iranian govt has shown it's true colors the Left is bewildered...who to blame ? The riots haven't disproved the neo-cons' claims that Iran was the centre of the axis of evil....they've actually proved it. Who else but an evil regime would treat it's people this way. Who else but an evil regime would have proxy armies in Gaza and Lebanon ? Who else but an evil regime would be trying to develop a nucler bomb.
Horowitz's hysteria is the regime has shown it's hand how can the Left go back to portraying the govt as anything but thugs & bullies. And if the protests are crushed and Iran develops a bomb will Horowitz still bleat that it's all a neo-con conspiracy. Again, very informative that the default position this blog takes on a crisis like this is to blame Israel and the....well you guys all know that anyway.

Anonymous said...

@2:52. What?

Anonymous said...

Hold on, isn't this the "reasonable government of Iran" that Obama and the Left said we could trust on nuclear weapons. Let's see, they'll murder their own people but we can trust them when it comes to going nuclear. Oh, no, watch out ...Obama has just put the regime in their place...he's told them he's......wait for it......."deeply troubled".

Bones AK said...

WoW that is an impressive picture, it says alot

mlaiuppa said...

Iran is attempting to shut down the internet, but the word is still getting out via Twitter.

Anyone that questions why we are fighting so hard to maintain net neutrality in this country should look at China and Iran. That's why. Why would anyone be against net neutrality in this country? Because....Obama won.

As for will be the Tweet Revolution. I hope they succeed. Because you can only take freedom for yourself, it can't be given to you.

That is the lesson of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

"Because you can only take freedom for yourself, it can't be given to you."

Well, that wasn't true for the Europeans under Nazi rule was it ? And how about the ending of slavery ? And the liberation of the concentration camps ? And the overthrow of Pol Pot's regime by the Vietnamese Army ?
The lesson of Iraq is that evil regimes can be overthrown, but as much effort should be put into building the new nation as overthrowing the old one.

If the Iranian regime smashes the protests with violence and slaughter, will Obama still offer the hand of friendship to the Mullahs ?

Mary said...

Who wanted liberation?

WWII Europeans
Concentration Camp internees

I'm not so sure enough Iraqi's wanted Saddam overthrown. Yes, he deserved it. But that doesn't give us the right to go around the world and decide who doesn't like their leader and then just get rid of them.

Unless they have oil, of course.

(no oil in North Korea)

Anonymous said...

Oh, God...the same old, tired Leftist mantra ...."It's all about the oil". Yawn.... Meanwhile , in the real world, the great community organizer tells Iranians not to worry ...the Mullahs "have noted the people's concerns". Wow, that's telling them , Obama ! That kind of soaring rhetoric is really going to inspire Iran's youthful protesters !!

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Hey "Anonymous" - the Republicans were thrown out of office and the President is black. Live with it.

Anonymous said...

"the President is black."

Typical racist comment from the "liberal" Left. As though the color of a man's skin has anything to do with his politics. Amazing to see how reactionary the Left has become lately.